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Mantra Codename Made For Me, Dhanori, Pune


Mantra Codename Made For Me, Dhanori, Pune

Last updated: February 10 2020
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  • Mantra Codename Made For Me, Dhanori, Pune

    Mantra Codename Made for Me, Dhanori. How is Mantra as a builder? Is the project and location good? I am panning to book the flat here. Please give your opinion. Thanks.
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    Re : Mantra Codename Made For Me, Dhanori, Pune

    Boss, be careful, you will have to set aside 20 k for petrol every month and 5-7k for monthly maintainence, if you start staying there. Life insurance of 100k for using porwal road daily, and health insurance of 200k for pollution and dust.


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      Re : Mantra Codename Made For Me, Dhanori, Pune

      sunil15 - Is it that bad? However, this project is not on Porwal road. It's behind Dhanori gaon. More info will be appreciated.
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        Re : Mantra Codename Made For Me, Dhanori, Pune

        Access road for this project would be from Dhanori Gaothan...... traffic conditions is very bad on the turn to Dhanori Gaon..... Try to visist the place in the evening between 5 to 8PM and see yourself.

        My Experience:

        We IT/working people usually visit these secluded projects on the weekends when traffic would be very minimal and get trapped on the view / promise of clean and green area. But after shifiting we will have to travel via same road on daily basis then only we get to know about the actual picture.

        I had made the same mistake when i purchaed the flat in Shree Woods Society..... this is very first society after crossing the Dhanori Gaothan on the the way to MANTRA CODENAME... visited the project on weekend ...traffic was minimal and greed for open area & clean air was also there...... after possession i realized that i have been trapped......every day i used to get stuck in the traffic on the village turn. Finaly i had to put my flat on rent and shifted to some other place on rent.

        One road was also promised to us by builder which would be the bypass for the village...same could be conveyed to you as well.

        but i would suggest you to trust on the road which is already there not on any proposed road / HIGHWAY / METRO or anything. Rest I leave on your decision making ability.....


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          Re : Mantra Codename Made For Me, Dhanori, Pune

          Shaurya2012 The road should get widened when more projects start. There are more chances now as Sunil Tingre got elected. The road coming from charholi is also getting widened.

          I wont mind traffic in one chowk to be frank. It's better than porwal road.

          So where did you shift to? On main road?

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