I am looking to buy a property in Pune. I am interested in areas such as Wakad, Hinjewadi, baner etc.

Are there properties in these areas managed by Professional Property Management groups such as JLL and not by society members?

Currently I live in Ahmedabad. I purchased my current property in 2014. Around that time I sort listed this property and Godrej Garden City near by. Sales guy at Godrej told me that, the property will be managed by JLL. Overall property rate and maintenance cost was on higher side for The Godrej, so I settled with my current property and today I regret my Decision. Property is not well maintained and society members are indulged in internal politics all the time. Whereas The Godrej is in pristine condition with higher resale value and constantly in demand in my area. Now I realised that third party management with bit extra maintenance cost is good in long run.

Besides, is water available 24 hours a day in these area in general? at least in newer properties?

Thanks in Advance.

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