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Rent issue During Lockdown and Curfew


Rent issue During Lockdown and Curfew

Last updated: March 28 2020
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  • Rent issue During Lockdown and Curfew

    Hi guys,

    Can someone please suggest me a solution on my issue?

    I have planned to move to a new flat on 30th March 2020 and as per my discussion with the landlord on 13th March 2020, I told him that I will be moving to the new property on 30th march 2020. Also, I have done the registration on 13th March 2020 but that is still pending from registration office. Now due to lockdown and curfew in Pune I am unable to move to new property.

    And my current landlord (where I am staying right now) has asked for rent which I asked him to deduct from the security kept with him. But my new landlord (where I had planned to move in April 2020) is also asking for rent of the month of April 2020.

    Please guide me what to do. Lockdown and curfew is not because of me so why should I pay rent to new landlord.

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    Re : Rent issue During Lockdown and Curfew

    As there is a Lock down, you are not allowed to move & as such you cant shift to the new accommodation, till the Lock down is relaxed.

    Try explaining the position to the new Landlord and hopefully he understands. If it suits you, you can also attempt making the new Landlord agree on being paid 50% of the rent for the period you are unable to physically move in because of the present condition.

    If nothing works out, you may contact the Local Administration/Local Police Station, but all these guys are so stretched at this moment, i don't think they would have the time/resources to sort out your issue.

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