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Pune : Huge price difference between under construction and RTM apartments


Pune : Huge price difference between under construction and RTM apartments

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    Re : Pune : Huge price difference between under construction and RTM apartments

    Everyone wants to buy flat in Baner or Wakad.. No wonder prices will shoot up like anything.. Simple logic of demand and supply.. One can get property just 5kms away for prices 20% less perhaps but still won't buy there..


    • jayesh24
      jayesh24 commented
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      while selecting the project every person things of road access, daily essential shops around, school colleges, safely near by
      how much to pay is there own budget, but going 5 km away to save money is not solution to reduce prices, if everyone go 5km away, the demand will shoot up there and will increase the prices as u says.

    • souvik83
      souvik83 commented
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      that is exactly what I am saying as well.. if we see 10 yrs back then Wakad and Baner was not that developed like today.. so prices were less that time.. now it is developed and demand is sky high.. so prices are also sky high.. instead of Wakad and Baner if we see areas like Ravet or Chinchwad, these are also good places with shops and connectivity.. but still demand is less because everyone wants to buy flat in Wakad and Baner.. simple logic..

    • bechkam7
      bechkam7 commented
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      Its individual choice in the end.
      For me I wanted to stay near hinjewadi cause me and wife work there.
      I really wanted to avoid as much traffic as I can.
      I have stayed in bangalore and traffic there was so pathetic that everyday atleast 2 hours went in traffic. In rainy season dont ask. And this is when bangalore infra is 10 times better than Pune.
      Even if we change jobs we will probably look for job in Baner/Balewadi patch.
      Going forward after 10 years traffic will be much worse.
      Metro will be easily accessible in these areas by that time.

      Location, crowd and infrastructure matters in the long run.

      Areas in pimpri are also not cheap. If you take 3bhk for 1cr in Wakad. Then in Pimpri it will be 90L. So If I can afford 10L more I will pay that much extra. In the end travelling and other costs also contribute in the long run.

      But yes, guys who are tight on budget should consider this option.

      Best is you stay on rented flat as much as possible and then decide to buy apartment and that too if really needed.
      I am staying on rent for 11 years now..
      Rent rocks man.
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    Re : Pune : Huge price difference between under construction and RTM apartments

    All real estate is good buy at an appropriate price. You should estimate value for money then only proceed. Consider resale properties as well.

    Few tips:

    Walk around the project site on your feet(not in vehicle) to understand the neighborhood.

    Visit the site in night time to check safety aspect.

    Inspect mobile tower, high tension power lines, cremation ground in nearby vicinity.

    Check project layout & understand.

    Check RERA for legal aspect.

    Few examples:

    Low cost housing next to Amar serenity.

    Low cost housing next to VTP Solitaire.

    High tension power line next to Avon vista.

    Across river cremation ground, crystal tower.

    Mobile tower next to Jade. Stand on podium to check sunlight.

    Carpet rate of Supreme Estia is comparable with other luxury project(>3cr). At this price only builder will maximize the profit not buyer.


    • Rohit Pandey
      Rohit Pandey commented
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      Agree, Supreme Estia is good if you are buying for your own use for Long term. Definitely tough choice for investment. Personally i love the locality, its already a up market. Its not for investment. Its for self use and enjoyment the vicinity.
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    Re : Pune : Huge price difference between under construction and RTM apartments

    Originally posted by bechkam7 View Post
    Letsbuyhome1 I have booked a flat in kalpataru exquisite and will post the update on the project in short while

    kulkarni.sandeep41 I didnt got what you are trying to convey here. Do you mean even ready construction flats are not good to buy? Renting is good but till a certain time man.

    I am living on rent for close to 10 years and have switched flats 5 times till now. It has its share of pain as well.

    Owners were bad sometimes, flats not in good condition, increasing rent more than 10 percent every year..Then taking all our luggage and furniture and shifting again.

    As there is less projects in baner balewadi strech, builders will charge a premium..pride platinum plus is quoting 1.25 for 2.5bhk for 950 carpet..

    So most builders are now shifting there focus on Sus, Mahalunge and Bhugaon belt..I believe infrastructure will take 10 years to come here..

    I am so surpried builders quoting more than 1.2 CR for flats in bhugaon. Agree you get 100-150 sq ft more bigger flat but the traffic on chandni chowk, no proper roads and infrastructure is big no no.

    Mont Vert had given a final offer of 82 lacs for 1600 sq ft to me in 2018 december. This was really a good offer. After visiting bhugaon many times and looking the trafic conditions, specially in rainy season I decided not to go for it..

    BTW, which project where you referring in Baner.
    bechkam7 Your genuine thoughts on Bhugaon? Do we see any future developments and chances of it coming under PMC limits?


    • bechkam7
      bechkam7 commented
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      The area will atleast take 10-12 years to develop.
      The ring road work has started which will take years atleast. Then they will start bhugaon highway work. If they start immediately then it will take more 3-4 years. IF they start.
      There are no major hospitals nearby.
      Traffic is chocked as it is single road. Construction work will add more congestion. In rainy season dont ask.
      More and more new projects are getting launched with prices comparable to baner/wakad. Though 50-100 sqft more carpet area.
      For future perspective its good. Not for now.

    • plugwater
      plugwater commented
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      I dont think ring road is started, they dont have any land yet.
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    Re : Pune : Huge price difference between under construction and RTM apartments

    Suddenly 70 lacs has started to seem like a tiny budget to get a 750 plus carpet, ready to move, 2 bhk with decent amenities in western pune.
    I was hoping the pandemic would thwart the rates a bit, but nothing doing.


    • vhdlrgec
      vhdlrgec commented
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      It just media hype and our expectation that real estate prices are getting down but not in reality.
      In re-sale market yes there is some correction... you can bargain or look for distress selling.

    • bechkam7
      bechkam7 commented
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      Yeah. I agree with vhdlrgec .
      Its just media hype. Project Prices are never going to go down. And specially the ones in demand.
      Builders are so crooks. To boost sales, government reduced stamp duty. Builders kept the price same. No change.
      They will argue that inflation is up. Cement prices gone up. Workers and all are costly now, etc. All is bull shit.
      Now the festive season is coming they will cash in the maximum.
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    Re : Pune : Huge price difference between under construction and RTM apartments

    Wonder if buyers can unite under a forum like iref to give these builders a tough deal. If we all could just need stop buying property for the next 6 months! That's wishful thinking I now, but some way to reboot all this.
    Pune as a city hasn't developed so much infrastructure wise, neither have the pay scales in the prominent IT sector shot up so much. Still look at the property prices! They intend to inflate and make a Mumbai out of Pune.


    • sushid
      sushid commented
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      I agree @Aloksport... I guess such wave should come where all buyers should unite. I just started looking for 2BHK in the market and looking at the asking prices I am left speechless. Seems like price and carpet area are inversely proportional now. Prices are going up and up and carpet areas are becoming smaller and smaller.
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    Re : Pune : Huge price difference between under construction and RTM apartments

    More people want to buy house cause of sky high rentals. In baner, wakad 2bhk goes for 20k. 3bhk for 30k. So young guys who have cash dont mind spending savings and buy house. Builders cash on this sentiment.
    People are impatient and want to buy home asap.


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