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Address change in Property Registration document


Address change in Property Registration document

Last updated: July 20 2020
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  • Address change in Property Registration document


    I have been struggling to get answers to my property registration related queries but couldn’t find answers anywhere. Hope to get some insight from experts in this group.

    I purchased this apartment in Pune (Gram Panchayat-Bavdhan Budruk) around 7 years back and the property address was registered as ‘B Wing 1004’, after few years the builder constructed other towers in the same premises and renamed this wing as C. The apartments in my wing which were roistered after those change had C wing in the registered address. The builder didn't bother getting the existing titles corrected.

    Last year I wanted to sell the property but couldn’t as I got to know that I need to get the address changed first (the new address should be ‘C Wing 1004’). I have been trying since last year, but the builder is not showing much interest in this regard. He always says that he will get it done soon but no action, the current Corona crisis has given him another reason to delay this further.

    Could someone please advise the procedure to get the title corrected on my own. Also, is it possible to get this done online.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re : Address change in Property Registration document

    This cannot be done alone. You will need to register a correction deed with builder to resolve this.


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      Thanks mithunsainan.
      Can this be initiated by me and then builder can provide an approval letter or something to validate what I propose?
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    Re : Address change in Property Registration document

    Anybody can initiate it. hire a lawyer and get The correction deed done. The builder needs to come and sign it at the registrar office.


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