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Received OC but no CC for project in Pune


Received OC but no CC for project in Pune

Last updated: September 19 2020
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  • Received OC but no CC for project in Pune

    Dear all,

    For a flat in a property that falls under PMRDA, I have recieved a passession letter and a Bhogwata Patra which supposedly is the OC. But I have still not received a CC. Is this normal? I have the impression that the CC is given first. What implications can it have on ownership in terms of legalities and penalties? Should I be worried?

    What could be the possible reasons for the builder to not give a CC? We have heard that a particular block in the society is under dispute, as well as there is drainage dispute with the adjoining farm. Can that be the obstacle?

    How can we pressure the builder to correct the issues and furnish the CC? The builder wants to handover the society to the owners. Is it a good idea to accept the handover without recieving the CC?

    Any illuminations in this regard by a kindlered soul amongst you will be much appreciated🙏🙏

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