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Rachana Beverly Hills in Baner, Pune


Rachana Beverly Hills in Baner, Pune

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  • Rachana Beverly Hills in Baner, Pune


    Has anyone booked in Beverley HIlls project in Baner Pune? It is a project by Rachana builders? Need some info about prospect of the area as I am not fully familiar with it. Also, any reviews on Rachana builders?

    Thank you!
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    Re : Rachana Beverly Hills in Baner, Pune

    I work near Balewadi High Street. The area around Rachna Beverly Hills looks upmarket.

    Lots of upcoming commercial spaces. I have seen this project before lockdown. Neither is very good nor bad .. its average builder.

    What's Good-


    - It's the last building of the Project as society is already established so no initial hiccups.

    What's Bad-

    - Overall does not look very good project layout

    - All the exiting buildings of society is very old and as per my experience, new building residents will be the odd man out in terms of society maintenance, etc.

    - The internal layout of the building (passengers etc) looks very outdated.

    - Just below the building, they have planed commercial its very day in day out hindrance.

    - Even at the night, you will get the traffic noise.

    Advice - Do very hard negotiation, in the peak lockdown they were ready at 1.17CR for 3 BHK on the 8th Floor. Their asking price is very superficial.

    Note- I was also looking for 3BHK in that area and recently booking in Supreme Estia and I like their layout etc very good. It's just my perspective.

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    • Deep4re
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      Thank you! I am looking for penthouse on 15th floor so I guess noise wise it should be ok. Do you know the water supply conditions there? Any reviews / inputs on their penthouse plans?
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    Re : Rachana Beverly Hills in Baner, Pune

    Has anyone booked a flat in this project already? I booked it today - we can start a group here to share updates on project


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      Re : Rachana Beverly Hills in Baner, Pune

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        Re : Rachana Beverly Hills in Baner, Pune

        I am also actively looking for a 3BHK in tower D. I have a few questions:
        1. Has anyone talked to the existing residents. They are living since 7-8 years so you will have the 1st hand feedback
        2. The amenities are old/used, so the upfront maintenance charge should be less
        3. The asking price is 1.3 Cr for 1100 sqft. I believe this can be negotiated as the society is old and this is not a new complex.

        Please let me know your views. I am not in town and I cannot visit to interact with the existing residents. Has anyone visited the site.


        • bechkam7
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          You can negotiate max of 2-3 L
          They won't negotiate much. If you have finalized this project try to book before will save on stamp could have saved 1 percent more before December.
          After march builder wont negotiate much as stamp duty will be 6 percent.
          In baner 1.3 is standard for 1100 sq ft.
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        Re : Rachana Beverly Hills in Baner, Pune

        Hi, I have booked a 1100 today on 6th floor. My brother will visit the site so I can give more information later.
        i also liked Supreme Estia and I was giving that a consideration. I went with Beverly hills as the
        1. Location is good - right on Pancard road. Estia is 1-1.5 km off the main road.
        2. Maintenance is low as the society is already formed.
        3. This is the best deal in the area for 1100. Majestique and Klara are too expensive. Supreme was close.

        Let me know if someone finds more details.


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          Re : Rachana Beverly Hills in Baner, Pune

          The feedback of the society is good and the amenities are also in great shape. We finally booked the 1190 sq.ft.
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          • bechkam7
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            In what price you closed the deal.
            What is the possession date?

          • Quarintine
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            Hi , we have purchased a 3bhk at Rachna Beverly hills as well.Can we create a whatsapp/fb group to start conversation among the purchasers of Beverly Hills Tower D.
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