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Kakkad Madhukosh in Balewadi, Pune


Kakkad Madhukosh in Balewadi, Pune

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  • Kakkad Madhukosh in Balewadi, Pune

    I read negative reviews about construction quality of Madhuban by the same developer who is launching Madhukosh. Is there a way to know the quality of construction in construction phase?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Re : Kakkad Madhukosh in Balewadi, Pune

    Visit there previous projects. Go by a broker to see the flats to buy. Ask people out there.
    Please dont compromise on quality. Compromise anything but quality. buy a bit smaller carpet, save and accumulate cash and buy later. You are going to live in that flat almost HALF of your life.
    I have read and seen instances where guys just go by price tag. Later they blame builders and mental agony. Then sell flat in lower price or live with it.
    In general you really cannot trust any builder. I always thought Kumar and Mont vert were quality builders. Thats not the case. Kumar has provided horrible quality in few of his part projects. I stay in Mont Vert society on rent. There are lot of seepage issues here after 7-10 years possession.


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