I wanted some feedback on Dewdale Apts that is being built in Wakad by Vishwa Vinayak developers.
I saw their site in Indrayani Nagar which Dwarka Vishwa and Platinum.
Their price is reasonable with no real amenties like pool, gym buts its acceptable with the price of 2800
Please provide any feedback you guys have on the builder and site if any. They claim they dont advertise on the net or paper, it only mouth to mouth..
I am in search of buying an apt since some time now. Any suggestion feedback will realy help...
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  • dew dale enquiry

    dear friend
    have you booked the flat at dewdale
    can you pls tell me how is the deal and are you provided with all support by the builder.
    i am negotiating with him for booking
    your feedback will help
  • Dew dale..

    I visited site at Dew dale..constru is almost completed...and rate he is quoting is 2700 which is 100 rupees more...and one thing i obs, almost alls schems in PS/Wakad area increased ps rate by 100...what is this....does it indicates that market is picking up ...??
  • ^^ Let them wait if they are not ready to negotiate... Show your willingness to buy the unit...leave your number with them and tell them if they ever happen to think abt negotiation then call you... you will receive the call in within a week ;)
  • Any idea about DEW Dale project in recent times????
  • Builder is saying flats are available in C building only... after two visits they quoted 2575.... I think they will give by 2450 after hard negotiations.

    But project do not have any amenities… n u can find project with all amenities in waked with above rate.
  • Can u plz name some projects in wakad with price tag of 2400 psf and with good amenities.
  • speciality of dew dale is 70 % construction is over and building constructin quality looks good. And the most imp one i liked this proj is orientation of 2 bhk flats...space is utilized in effective manner....no unnecessary spaces left...and he is offering POP/kitchen trollies/wooden flooring for bed etc etc...
  • Thanks for the details. But is the project worth buying????
    And what about the reputation of the builder????
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  • Not much usefull information is available on that thread. :(
  • Originally Posted by vishal_ngp
    Not much usefull information is available on that thread. :(

    It says rate at Dewdale was 2300 in Feb. U can compare the rate of today.
  • I got a rate of 2470/- after a long negotiation. Is it advisable?
  • the lady quoted me 2450 without any negotiation in June and she was ready with that rate till early july.

    In parallel, I know a group of buyers got a rate of 2400 who already booked the flats. That is like 2 weeks ago I guess... but then when I called the builder (Vijay?) asking for the same rate, they said its difficult and also didn't call me back.

    I didn't fully like the property because its both bedrooms will be always dark, the window openings hit the other building's wall... they claim it's 4 side open flat, but basically on 3 sides all you have outside is a wall without like 10 ft.
  • for which building you got this rate?? i have got 2425 for B building 15 days back dont know current status ....