Can someone give me a perspective on wagholi?
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  • Wagholi


    Wagholi area is witnessing development at a very fast pace and a lot of construction is coming up in that area, though its connectivity is slightly a problem now that should pick up as and when the construction progresses. Out of all the other issues, Water would be the prime area of concern though.

  • Hi Ritu
    Thanks for the info .I did visit and travelled upto the toll naka. do you know what are the drivers for growth.
  • Thanks Vijay

    Thanks for a detailed and informative reply.Is Microsoft getting activated independently or part of some sez?
    Which are the 5 star hotels coming up there?
    What about water supply?
  • Hi Vijay

    Do you know more about the Kolte-Patil township and your views on it?

    Kind Regards

  • Can anyone suggest some good projects with prices in wagholi ??
    I checked out - Emerald Isle & Salvan Retreat ... price quoted is 2400/sqft for the row houses and 2700/sqft for the bungalow ... interestingly, they are not charging too much of extra cost. the area of row house is approx 1540 and the total is 38L .... and area for bungalow is 2050 and total cost is 57.5L hmmm ... not too bad !!!

    but one thing to worry about is ... the area is not under PMC limits .... so water, road, electricity can be an issue in future ..... also, its on the hill .... the topography is such that water will not reach easily at that point
  • Had visited houses last yr and this yr begining.

    Projects i.e row houses

    B U Bhandari-Chrysalis
    Raviraj - Ozone
    Nagarkar- emarald isle
    Nagpal group- Mystic meadows
    IDEB- springdale : NOT STARTED

    All were stalled, with no one to even attend to propective customers.

    Only one old row house project was complete and last house was waiting for customer for last 2-3 yr.

    Prices were around 2200-2400 on initial offer with huge assured discount if ready for final booking.
  • I did check out Wagholi during my house search and found that Chrysalis and Savvanah were projects worth considering. Emereld Isle houses are too small. Not recommended at all. Savannah seemed decent and Chrysslis seemed best of lot.

    Disadvantage is that its too far from main city and if you dont work in Magarpatta or Kharadi no point in buying house there. Also all projects seemed to have no life around them, i mean shops and stuff like that. I dreaded to think if I come alone here duing night coz not lights and no great roads.

    Savannah can give 3 BHK for 32 if you bargain hard and Crysalis came down to around 40 for a decent row house. No point paying 2500 in Wagholli. Try getting price less.
  • Moze college

    Recently visited this area.
    Moze College

    Green groves - Kolte patil
    Solicia - Belvalkar
    Savanah - B U bhandari
    Lucky home - Suyog bldrs

    Prices r around 2400 psf

    Green Grove is luxurious

    The BEST seems Lucky homes - SUYOG.

    They claim a loading of just 20 % on their project. Thus, a flat of 1000

    sq Ft would typically yield 800 Sq Ft of liveable area i.e carpet area.

    Minimal amenities, as required and price 2000 sq ft. 2 bhk/1050 sq ft costs 24 lks.:)

    Me thinks, agree with akssenti - no WATER , connectivity issue and no

    shopping complex etc. Abt 8 kms fn Viman- Kalyani nagar naka. General area is bit far.

    Better options would be Kharadi at similar rates.

  • They claim a loading of just 20 % on their project. Thus, a flat of 1000

    sq Ft would typically yield 800 Sq Ft of liveable area i.e carpet area.

    It seems you have fallen in he trap of reverse calculation for loading …. It should be calculated based on carpet area and not based on the sellable area. The loading in above case is 25% and not 20% …. 800*1.25 = 1000
  • Me thinks u might wrong or right

    But from a buyers perspective, reverse calculation is better as it gives

    more area when physical measure and see and compare with the

    advertised salleable area.
  • Savanah in wagholi

    Hi all,

    Savanah is offering 2 bhk under 20 lac .As it fits my budget , Is it worth taking Flat in savanah wagholi.Eon is back side of savanah and there is a road proposed connecting directly Moze college n EON
  • PriceSolacia

    Hi All,

    Is 2.5 bhk Rs2200/sqft in solacia wagholi, is fine to go ahead.

    Thanks in Advance
  • 1700 may be a better price considering so far from the city and so much inside from the main road + the loading factor of Parking society dues etc.

    Now even Finance minister is taking about RE bubble in Metros.
  • ! this is the scenario.. what was supposed to be/thought of in 2008, didnt come into reality. I hope, people become more smart and invest with proper knowledge. Afterall, we have to pay the EMIs..and it should not go for more than 5 years...but Alas! at the current real-estate in Pune, even IT cant save people who have taken loan...
  • Originally Posted by kamalneeraj
    Hi All,

    Is 2.5 bhk Rs2200/sqft in solacia wagholi, is fine to go ahead.

    Thanks in Advance

    Not at all friend. According to Wagholi infrastucture, it should be between 1600psf to 1800psf