I was planning to buy a land in Lohgaon area. As this area comes under Gram Panchayat , I came to know that we cannot avail loans from banks for the construction of houses. I also came to know about something called red zone area. Can some one please tell me how do I know the plot I have selected is a redzone area or not. Another issue I came to know is it will not be possible to get a Non Agricultural land certificate will not be available. Is it possible to build a house on such type of lands.

Please lat me know

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  • Red area is towards east of the base extending appr 1 km. Here u cannot build!

    Other area is the landing zone area in a 30 degree cone measured from the landing zone- i.e the white area at the end of the runway. Here building restriction r imposed reducing as u diverge out ward. notice the buildings r in a line at a angle from the landing zone. Also the height increase as u go out ward.
  • Further info avble on PMC site
    Hope it helps.

    Yes u can build with ur money.( farm house)