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Kharadi Rates


Kharadi Rates

Last updated: June 14 2012
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  • Kharadi Rates


    I am planning to buy an apartment in Kharadi - Emerlad City, Kharadi.
    The price I am being quoted is 3100/sqft and seems that teh rate is not negotiable. For a 1600 sqft flat, the total price comes to around 55L.
    I am not sure if this is reasonably (forget about affordable )priced.
    Does someone have any idea about the rates about this project?

    Also, I was told that rate for another Gera project in Kharadi, Skyvillas is 3300/sqft - but these are row houses. Anyone has any comments about these rates? Do you think these are negotiable? Anyone succeeded in getting rates lower than these in the near past?

    Also, i would highly appreciate it if someone could comment on whether should I go ahead with buying or wait for some time for rates to fall - coz frankly speaking, I havent seen rates going down in last 3-4 months (either they are stagnant or growing marginally).
    Please help!!!!
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    Re : Kharadi Rates

    hey there.... a rate of 3100 seems reasonable.... Gera is a reputed brand... been in pune for a really long time.... have u seen the sample unit of Skyvilla? it will blow ur mind...


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      Re : Kharadi Rates

      Yes, i agree the boat club office could have been better... but have you visited the vishrantwadi office? near bombay sappers... thats not too bad!!!

      As far as making/maintaining public property is concerned ..... i am sure they know a bit about it... having being in the business for more than 40 years!!! As far as my experience goes, the GERA properties.... offer you more than just good homes... the captial values also appreciate very quickly ... if you see the trend... they are quick to identify locations like Kharadi... way before anyone else notices it.... they are there before others!!! my two bits....


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        Re : Kharadi Rates


        What r the current trends here in

        Kharadi, Vimannagar & Vadgaon sheri?


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          Re : Kharadi Rates


          I have been looking at this area for quite some time. Current rate in Kharadi is not more than 2700 psf.


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            Re : Kharadi Rates

            Gera Skyvillas came out with a corporate offer some time ago with rate of 2850 or 2800. 3300 seems too much for that.

            I checked out mount and glory in Kharadi for 2450 and Urban Nirvana for 2600. Dont pay more than that.


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              Re : Kharadi Rates

              Amanora has given a prelaunch offer till 5th June.. 2 BHK is 28.5 Lakhs.


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                Re : Kharadi Rates

                multi thread

                Hi, my post from other thread

                I am also scouting for same area.

                Seems investor flats r available cheaper.

                In Viman ngr u know water mafia better.

                It is also most likely that builders r offloading thro' consultants, brokers

                and y investors at reduced rate.

                Huge inventory of empty flats.

                Chk out if same flat is being offerd by builder and an investor at different

                price points.

                Also what is ur purpose: stay or investment.

                Mode of payment: Loan or own money.

                Me thinks - there r no buyers in market, price will go down

                support Sansona's contention . be patient

                Kharadi has Gera emerald at 2300-2400

                Mount & Glory by Sancheti around 2400

                Ganga constella by Goel Ganga around 2200

                Kumar primrose quoted 3000/- nego. would be some less.

                WadGaon Sheri is another option.

                Let me know ur thinking and offers. Will help me later.

                Decided to postpone my buy.


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                  Re : Kharadi Rates

                  fm another source

                  Originally posted by akssenti View Post
                  Amanora has given a prelaunch offer till 5th June.. 2 BHK is 28.5 Lakhs.

                  Hi, Amanora Trendy Homes:

                  2 BHK & 2.5 BHK apartments in Towers 30-35, twenty storied sky
                  scrapers, in Amanora Park Town, Hadapsar Kharadi bypass - Pune, are
                  called "Amanora Trendy Homes".
                  Pre-Launch Offer:

                  2 BHK & 2.5 BHK apartments in Towers T-030 & T-031 are open for
                  Pre-launching property rate:
                  (up to 4th floor)
                  1) Rs. 2,700 per sq. ft. for external view
                  2) Rs. 2,800/sq. ft. for internal view
                  Pre-launch offer ends on 4th June, 2009.

                  Hope its useful


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                    Re : Kharadi Rates


                    Hi visited Mount n glory

                    These r ready possession, just have to put spit and polish and u can live

                    in ten days.

                    However not a single soul is staying there.

                    just two houses had their pooja two days back.

                    Another problem - No PMC water.

                    All these projects r on that WB/Asian bank funded water project for

                    supply as well as tankers.

                    Nego rates go below 2400 psf.

                    Also, a HUGE no of projects on that dusty road

                    Kumar prim rose, Ganga constella, Geras emarld city, urban nirvana, gold

                    coast & more.

                    Majority of these projects r ready possess with out customers.

                    C'mon, reduce some price, give water & road to have some body staying

                    staying there in these ghostly places. Only one project appear to be fully

                    painted and some people milling around.


                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?