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    Regularization notice may benefit 6,000 illegal structures in Pune

    The state urban development department on Saturday issued rules for illegal structures to be legalized on payment of a penaltyTNN | October 10, 2017, 15:00 IST

    PUNE: Nearly 6,000 illegal constructions in the city could benefit from the recent state government move to regularize the unauthorized properties.

    Prashant Waghmare, the city engineer of the corporation, told reporters on Monday, “As of now, there are around 6,000 unauthorized constructions. But not all will get the benefit of the new norms. The norms of the state government will be used to take the final call on regularizing the constructions. The building permission department will coordinate with the property tax department to cross-verify the data.”

    The state urban development department on Saturday issued rules for illegal structures to be legalized on payment of a penalty.

    Illegal constructions carried out before December 31, 2015 in residential, commercial and industrial zones would be considered for declaration as “compounded structure” on payment of compounding charges.

    According to the state’s guidelines, structures do not risk demolition once the owners or residents of these structures pay the charges.

    However, no new development is permitted in such a structure; only repairs and maintenance are permitted. Reconstruction or redevelopment will be allowed only if the prevailing regulations permit it.

    The notification states if an unauthorized construction is on land reserved for public purposes it will be considered for regularization, provided the urban local body shifts the reservation on another plot or deletes it. The entity seeking regularization will need to pay the costs involved. There will be no regularization if the plots are reserved for playgrounds, gardens and open spaces.

    Unauthorized construction on land reserved for railways, roads and Metro will be considered provided the reservation is shifted. A no objection certificate (NOC) has to be obtained from the agency owning the public land.

    Illegal structures in buffer zones and structurally unsafe buildings would not be considered, said the notification. The urban local body is required to issue a public notice and announce the timeline during which applications would be accepted. Applications submitted after that would not be considered, said the notification.

    Waghmare said the department would frame the rules and regulations for compounding in accordance with new notification.

    Even the fee for regularizing properties would have to be decided. It would need a final stamp from the Pune Municipal Corporation’s general body.

    Earlier on Saturday, PMC razed illegal constructions in Katraj and Deccan areas. Constructions spread over 6,264sqft were demolished in the drive.


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    • vaibav123
      vaibav123 commented
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      Our netas and babus are basically encouraging illegal constructions with the attitude of compromise in the interest of buyers.

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    Pune’s first greywater treatment plant comes up in Sahakarnagar

    TNN | Oct 10, 2017, 07:28 IST

    PUNE: Even as the civic administration faces a challenge in treating its daily sewage, a project has been commissioned to treat around 5 lakh litres of greywater per day and reuse it for gardening and at construction sites.

    Veteran corporator Aba Bagul conceptualized the project, based on the Tiger bio filter technology. The plant has come up in Sahakarnagar and is a first-of-its-kind initiative by the civic administration.

    On Monday, Bagul claimed the PMC is the first municipal corporation in the country to commission such a project.

    "A team of technical experts worked closely on this project with the PMC for a year," Bagul said, "After various technical tests and studies, the project was recently commissioned and it is working successfully. The treated water is being tested in laboratories and has met the necessary parameters," Bagul added.

    As of now, Bagul said, treated water is being made available for gardening and at construction sites. However, with technical support, this water can be made potable. He said there is a plan to do this in the near future.

    Under the project, a separate line has been laid to collect greywater from 1,200 homes in nearby areas. Water is brought along the Ambil odha (nullah) by gravity, up to the late Vasantrao Bagul Udyan where the treatment plant is located. The water gets treated by the bio-filtration technique based on vermi-filtration, pressure sand filter and activated carbon filter.

    There is a plan to increase project's daily treatment capacity up to 10 lakh litre in its second phase. After commissioned fully, the project will be able to save the city 365 MLD of water.

    Bagul said that the project needs less land compared to other technologies used for sewage treatment. "The project is environment friendly and it does not produce any harmful by-product. The project has been cost effective with a total expenditure of Rs1.57 crore, which is much less than the civic administration's proposed project to ensure 24X7 water supply to the city. Similar projects can be commissioned in every ward," Bagul said.

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    • vaibav123
      vaibav123 commented
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      Many such initiatives are needed and a mental change by citizens not to pollute rivers.

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    Desperate urge to make Pune a Smart tree less city??


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      Pune Mirror | Updated: Oct 11, 2017, 02.30 AM IST

      Despite their long-pending demand, the state government decided not to merge Manjari village within the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) limits in the first phase. The villagers, on Tuesday, started an agitation against the authorities, asking to provide them with basic facilities.

      While speaking to Mirror, Shailendra Belhekar, one of the agitators, said, “The state has decided to merge the village within PMC limits in the second phase. However, we feel that the merger should have taken place in the first phase itself. So now we are demanding them to provide better infrastructure as we are facing problems related to water supply, roads, among others.”

      Rajendra Salve, president of the Akhil Manjarinagar Nagrik Kruti Samiti, added, “We have called an indefinite strike in front of the gram panchayat office till our demands are met.”

      Manjari has a population of around one lakh villagers. It is located near Hadapsar. One of the PMC officers, seeking anonymity, informed, “We are already under stress due to the merger of 11villages. How can we provide basic infrastructure to Manjari villagers? Our priority is the newly merged villages.” PMB

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        Kirloskar son wins first round against mother over plot in family home

        Yogesh Sadhwani| Pune Mirror | Updated: Oct 11, 2017, 12:57 IST The plot inside the Lakaki bungalow compound in Model Colony (C) has been at the centre of a war between Suman... Read More

        In the Kirloskar family saga, Sanjay Kirloskar has won the first round of the legal battle against his mother Suman Kirloskar. The Civil Court Senior Division has observed that there was no 'family arrangement' which the mother has been citing to claim her right to a plot inside the Lakaki bungalow compound, the family's residence in Model Colony.

        Suman Kirloskar and her second son have been at war over the plot, which he received during a partial partition in 1976. The mother approached the court earlier this year stating that according to a family arrangement, she was to enjoy the entire land parcel, including Sanjay's portion, and that her son is now poised to snatch it away from her.

        In a recent order, Joint Civil Judge MM Rao has observed that none of the documents produced before the court prove that there was any family arrangement by which a large chunk of plot was carved out for Sanjay but was meant to be used only by his mother.

        "At this juncture, it can't be said that, there was any family arrangement amongst the family members of Shri Chandrakant Shantanu Kirloskar (Suman Kirloskar's husband). All these documents which are referred by the plaintiff (Suman) themselves do not whisper anything about the family arrangement. Therefore, the contention of the family arrangement as contended can't be accepted..." the judge observed, while hearing a special suit by the matriarch of the family.

        Suman, 82, had earlier this year moved court stating that her husband owned 65,810 sq ft of land parcel in the upscale Model Colony on which a bungalow was built. In 1976 the Urban Land Ceiling Act was passed by the government which put restrictions on the maximum area an individual could keep in his name. In order to overcome this, the suit stated that a partial partition was effected — a 10,137 sq ft plot was given to Sanjay and another similar sized plot given to his elder brother Atul. The suit stated that within the family it was clear that "the bungalow known as Lakaki Compound was to be owned, used and enjoyed by Chandrakant Kirloskar and thereafter Suman Kirloskar..."

        Before he passed away in March 1987, Chandrakant Kirloskar executed a will, the suit stated, leaving the entire Lakaki compound to his wife. Suman's suit stated that after her husband's death all the family members met and "reiterated the family arrangement which was arrived between the family members during the lifetime of Mr Chandrakant Kirloskar..." Post this, both the sons who had been given plots inside the bungalow compound signed an agreement for "restraint on land user" for their 10,137 sq ft plots. They, according to the suit, agreed to let the plots be enjoyed by their mother forever and eventually transfer them back to her when the ULC Act would be repealed.

        After the act was repealed in 2007, Atul gifted his plot to his mother. Sanjay, according to the suit, however, "started avoiding to comply with his part of obligations" and "in spite of request from his other brothers, he started avoiding executing any document in favour of the Plaintiff (Suman)..." Her argument was that Sanjay has no right over the plot and it belongs to her as per the family arrangement.

        The court observed that even if the argument of existence of family arrangement was to be accepted, it would be illegal as it involved evading the ULC Act. "The family arrangement was made to evade the HUF land being declared as excess. It is an illegal object and the same has been accomplished or achieved by executing a partition deed. Therefore, plaintiff (Suman) is stopped from claiming any right, title and interest in it," the order passed on October 4 states. It goes on to observe that the matriarch was given the land parcel by Sanjay only to "use and not to own it".

        The two sides crossed swords in September 2016 when Sanjay sought a partition of Chandrakant Shantanu Kirloskar HUF. In his letter dated September 9, 2016, addressed to all the members of the family, he listed a 1,500 metre plot in Lakaki compound, shares in joint stock companies, bank balances, among others, for the partition. The demand for partition, according to the suit "annoyed" the family members. Later, Sanjay "clandestinely" demarcated the plot. Suman alleged in her suit that once that was done, he even got permissions from Pune Municipal Corporation to build a compound wall around the plot.

        In January 2017, Sanjay got workers and machinery to demolish a portion of outer Lakaki compound wall and to cordon off his own plot. It was during this time that the standoff between the two sides became public and reached Shivajinagar police station. While Sanjay sought protection to build the wall, Suman and her elder son Atul wanted the work to stop. The cops did not extend protection to Sanjay to break the wall, nor did they side up with the mother. Subsequent to this, she filed a suit.

        The recent order is not the last in the matter. The joint civil judge will continue to hear the matter on other points.

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          Petitioner says that residents will now be able to move into their homes and that the water situation seems much better

          OnWednesday, high court disposed a petition regarding the water supply crisis in Baner and Balewadi, along with providing relief to the builders by lifting a ban on issuance of commencement and occupancy certificates of construction. The embargo had resulted out of excessive construction activities, which were using up a lot of water, leaving the areas scrambling and spending for the basic amenity. The court was hearing a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by corporator Amol Balwadkar.


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            Court lifts ban on construction for Pune's Baner and Balewadi

            Petitioner says that residents will now be able to move into their homes and that the water situation seems much betterPrachee Kulkarni | Pune Mirror | October 12, 2017, 11:00 IST

            PUNE: On Wednesday, high court disposed a petition regarding the water supply crisis in Baner and Balewadi, along with providing relief to the builders by lifting a ban on issuance of commencement and occupancy certificates of construction. The embargo had resulted out of excessive construction activities, which were using up a lot of water, leaving the areas scrambling and spending for the basic amenity. The court was hearing a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by corporator Amol Balwadkar.

            Earlier, the court had restrained the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) from doling out these certificates to the new buildings, while hearing the PIL. The petition stated that over 200 societies were facing problems in securing basic amount of water — 150 litres per person — which is provided by the PMC on daily basis. The overall requirement is 165 lakh litres. However, the PMC only provided 60 lakh litres, which is far from adequate. The report also stated that it had supplied 21,533 water tankers in these areas between 2015 and 2016. Apart from this civic body help, the residents had arranged for 1.40 lakh tankers at the cost of Rs 12 crore in the same duration to replete their supply.

            After hearing the case on Tuesday, Chief Justice Manjula Chellur and Justice NM Jamdar asked for formation of a committee to keep an eye on water supply and the availability scenario, a report of which has to be submitted every two months. Chief government pleader for the state of Maharashtra Abhinandan Vagyani said, “It will be headed by the divisional commissioner and the municipal commissioner, an engineer and one officer from the town planning department. It will work as a grievance redressal mechanism,” he said, adding that while it has disposed the petition by lifting the ban, it has also kept it pending in case there are objections to the committee’s functioning.

            It has also been observed that the permissions given for constructions are impacting the water supply to the citizens. To gauge the situation, the court has asked for construction reports from last five years.

            In this duration of hearing, Amol Balwadkar, Bharatiya Janata Party corporator and petitioner claims that he has already seen a difference in the areas. He said, “PMC has been working to better the situation in these areas, results of which are visible. There was no scarcity this year. Even though the court has lifted the ban, it should also be taken into account that this is temporary relief. ”

            Builders and CREDAI members have also welcomed the decision. Amar Manjrekar, owner of Amar builders and member of CREDAI, said, “Many builders had promised property possessions during Diwali. The decision has stalled the possibility as a property cannot be handed over without occupancy certificates. People who had booked the flat had to rent out their flats due to the court’s decision. Now, they will be able to move into their own homes.”

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              Underpass work makes residents think about decongestion ideas

              TNN | Oct 12, 2017, 00:24 IST Pune: Now that the Ramwadi underpass will take more than 40 days to complete, citizens residing in the neighbourhood want some solutions to deal with the daily traffic snarls.

              Though more cops manned the traffic at the junctions on Wednesday, the only respite for commuters was the moving traffic.

              However, citizens and experts have suggested solutions such as installing traffic signals at a few crossings within Kalyaninagar and allowing heavy vehicles only after 9.30pm among others.

              Civic activist and former head of National Societies for Clean Cities Satish Khot said the situation in Kalyaninagar has turned from bad to worse.

              "Without thinking and without planning, both the civic authority and the traffic department have started the project. Citizens have not been taken into consideration which has created this mess," he said.

              Khot suggested that issues of an illegal slum and encroachments should be solved at the earliest.

              Laundry owner Ramesh Diwakar has been staying in Wadgaonsheri for five decades. He said he has never seen Kalyaninagar in such a big mess before.

              "I travel from Wadgaonsheri to Kalyaninagar at least two to three times daily through Harinagar area. It is taking me 45 to 50 minutes since the past three days. I would have usually covered this distance in 10 minutes. There is no planning and no warning given to citizens about infrastructure work," Diwakar said.

              College student Shweta Shete from Kalyaninagar said, big snarls continue and there needs to be a solution.

              Meanwhile, deputy commissioner of police (traffic) Ashok Morale said the situation was under control at the Ramwadi underpass. "Despite regular announcements and boards on the roads, motorists want to use the underpass," he said.

              On Wednesday, the traffic police deputed more manpower at the site to avert any jams. Senior police officers are continuously monitoring the situation at the underpass and are in touch with Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to keep a tab on the work.


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                Developer faces penalty for Moshi project delay

                Nisha Nambiar| TNN | Oct 12, 2017, 23:42 IST
                Pune: MahaRERA has directed a builder here to return the agreement amount of two complainants with interest as per the bank's monthly rate, pay a compensation of 9% from the date of payment and reimburse Rs 20,000 towards the cost of the complaints.

                On Wednesday, the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) issued the order against Darode Jog Homes Pvt. Ltd for the delay in possession of its Padamnabh project in Moshi. The complainants had sought refund of the amounts as the agreement dates differed from the date of completion as mentioned by the developer while registering the project with MahaRERA.

                The order, issued by adjudicating officer and MahaRERA member B D Kapadnis, states that the developer has to pay Rs 17,44,291 to Pravin Hiwale and Rs 23,03,630 to Anand Mutha with interests — marginal costs of funds based lending rate of SBI at 8.15% plus 2% with effect from May 1.

                The order adds that the respondent shall pay compensation to the complainants at 9% from the date of respective payments till April 30, 2017. Besides, the builder has to pay the complainants Rs 20,000 towards the cost of lodging the complaints.

                Sudhir Darode, director of Darode Jog Homes Pvt. Ltd, told TOI they are yet to review the order. "We will go for an appeal once we get the copy of it. Nearly 90% of the work of the project is complete," he said.

                The order states that Hiwale had signed the sale agreement with the developer on October 10, 2014. The developer had agreed to deliver the possession of Flat no B2-808 on or before December 2016 or within two-and-a-half years from the date of agreement, whichever is later. In the case of Mutha, the sale agreement was done on November 28, 2014.

                Hiwale was supposed to get possession of the in April and Mutha in May. The developer, while registering the project with MahaRERA, mentioned the date of completion as December 31, 2018.

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                  Construction of Pune international exhibition centre at Moshi begins

                  TNN | Oct 12, 2017, 23:22 IST
                  Pimpri Chinchwad: Ten years after it was proposed, the construction of the Pune International Exhibition and Convention Centre at Moshi began on Thursday.

                  Tthe district guardian minister, Girish Bapat, performed the bhoomipoojan of the first phase of the project, which is being undertaken by the Pimpri Chinchwad New Township Development Authority (PCNTDA).

                  "We have been following-up for the past 10 years. At least now, the work has started. A meeting of officials concerned will be held after Diwali. Discussions will focus on the plan for implementation of various works. It will be a mini-Master Plan," said Bapat.

                  He said only the first phase of the Rs 2,000-crore project is starting now. Stakeholders will pick the pattern on which the project will be implemented. Initially, small exhibitions will be held so that the venue can earn revenue and become self-sustaining. "We will be developing infrastructure in the first phase for thousands of visitors. These include toilets, drinking water, hotels etc," said Bapat.

                  Earlier, Bapat, Shiv Sena Maval MP Shivajirao Adhalrao Patil and Mahesh Landge, the associate BJP MLA from Bhosari, held discussions with municipal commissioner Shravan Hardikar, Satish Kumar Khadke, the chief executive officer of PCNTDA, Chandrakant Dalvi, the Pune divisional commissioner, and collector Saurabh Rao.

                  Speaking to TOI, Khadke said, "The total area reserved for the convention centre is 240 acre. We will be implementing the first phase of the project on 11 hectares. A 4-km compound wall will be built and the entire area will be levelled at a cost of around Rs 7.5 crore in nine months."

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