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Empire Square, Empire Estate, Chinchwad, Pune


Empire Square, Empire Estate, Chinchwad, Pune

Last updated: February 19 2015
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  • Empire Square, Empire Estate, Chinchwad, Pune


    Has anyone visited Empire Square in chinchwad?

    i saw its advt on mumbai - pune old highway.
    Rate quoted is 4750(approx)

    11 towers of 22 storey located opposite to empire estate.
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    Re : Empire Square, Empire Estate, Chinchwad, Pune

    I have visited this site last week. I think price are high as compare to other construction sites near by. It is located near Auto Cluster which is first of it kind in India.
    Also Samshan Bhumi located hardly 50 meters from site. Every odd day those staying their will find crying people moving in front from their gate. This is only Samshan Bhumi in whole area.
    Beside Pimpri Chinchwad MIDC is locate hardly 70 meters from site. Poluted air containing CO2 and CO from companies will be problem for those who will staying above 3rd floor.
    Also construction work of Sukhwani Agarwal builder is not good. Their last project Empire Estate was under scanner due to Slap fall which killed 2 people.


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      Re : Empire Square, Empire Estate, Chinchwad, Pune

      any good projects in-around that area?
      location seems way good but not sure about rate/sqft charged - way too high!


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        Re : Empire Square, Empire Estate, Chinchwad, Pune

        Friends..I am opening this somewhat old thread. I have seen this location and feel its good considering the future prospects. Any suggestions or views please?

        Has anyone booked here?


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          Re : Empire Square, Empire Estate, Chinchwad, Pune

          Review on Empire Square

          I had been to this place some time back and here is my take on it :-

          Pros :-

          Location :-

          It is bang opp Empire Estate, at Auto cluster. There is proper approach road & is not far from main old Mumbai-Pune highway. All major necessities are close by, thanks to Empire Estate, just that one needs to cross highway everytime to get something. Location is good for those who need to shuttle between Pune & Pimpri-Chinchwad on regular basis.

          Amenties :-

          All latest amenities like garden, swimming pool, gym etc. are there. But these remain on paper for now.

          Cons :-

          Location ?? Strange ?? Yeah, because of following reasons :-

          > There is smashanbhoomi near it,
          > There is some muslim dead bodies with green flag on it opp the entrance of the project, though not just across the road,
          > Industries adjoining to the plot, which means lot of noise & worker movement around the project,
          > Flyover . This is important coz the flyover in Empire Estate is going to land at Empire square. When asked to salesrep the exact location of landing area of flyover, he said that he is not sure, which means it is adjoining the project only. He tried to deviate the topic by saying that there are 4 gates, so you can use any of those if feel there's any issue with flyover .

          Builder :-

          The builder, Sukhwani-Agarwal isn't good. Constro quality is compromised & there is lack of transparency in the dealings. One shouldn't buy something from a builder where there is large trust deficit.

          It's under-construction :-

          The project is going to be built in phases. The possession date for phase1 is 2 years from now, but I will take it as atleast 2015 & another 2-3 years for remaining phases. So, if everything goes smoothly, then also the entire project shall get completed not before 2016 min.

          Useless Floor Plan :-

          The entrance lobby of building looks good in virtual walk-through, however, the floor plans are idiotic. The simplest thing is the plan is such that there is kitchen, then passage leading to bedrooms, then the dining & from dining there is access to dry/utility balcony. When you place a dining table here, one can't enter the utility area/balcony as the door is blocked by dining table.

          Apart from this, despite asking hefty amount, the living room is very small & if you put dining table, it looks even smaller. Infact, if you put anything bigger than 32" LCD/LED TV, you will feel like sitting in theatre.... so less is the space.

          Then comes the railings/grills of the windows. They have been placed from inside rather than outside. This causes real pain while opening & closing the windows as your own hand gets stuck in this grill. When asked about this, salesrep informed that it has been done for external elevation, which will be mostly of glass. Heck, I can show him 8-10 projects where there is lot of glass used, looks good & still grills are placed outside the window.

          The room size of c.bed & g.bed is quite small, about 12x10; surely not worth when one is asking 90L for 3BR flat.

          Apart from this, 2 wings are joined with each other, each wing has 4 flats which means 8 flats/floor . The 4 flats which fall in between have only 1 side open, rest are all common walls. Not to forget that this is 22 floor project, so lower floors will be even more poor in terms of light & ventilation.

          Terrace & Loading :-

          The terraces are good & usable, however, charging it 100% + 30% loading is rip-off. And I didn't find this VFM at all especially when the room sizes inside are small. So, you end up paying more for terrace but get less carpet area in reality.

          Phase1 away from amenties :-

          The phase1 has 2,2.5,3 & 4 BR flats. However, the amenities like swimming pool, garden etc. are located near ph2, which is quite far away from ph1. When asked, the salesrep is not giving any commitment whether the amenities will be completed alongwith ph1 or not. My take is surely not & those may be shifted elsewhere or maybe even reduced in size later, just like the way it happened in projects like Park-Street recently.

          Sample flat different than actual :-

          I asked about tiles - RAK, Kajaria, Johnson etc. Salesrep said it will be of good quality vitrified tiles, no brand commitment. Similarly, I was surprised when I saw Toto wash basin & Jaquar glass shower partition there. Asked whether same will be given, he said it will be similar & of good quality.
          The windows are of LG & he said that chances are actual flats will get LG windows only, but I am not confident.

          Big commercial space in front :-

          This is again that typical baniya concept of "Neeche dukaan, upar makaan" . Just like Empire Estate, there is commercial complex in this project. So, one needs to come through the gates adjoining to it only. The parking of flat residents will be shared with the commercial guys. All this means there will be lack of security & anyone can come & go. And imagine lot of people standing near the entrance gate doing nothing or chit chatting around. Horrible, especially when it is residential. Wonder why builders don't build commercial complex in entirely different plot, even if it is adjoining one ??
          Ofcourse, some may take this as plus as they need not travel far for buying goods but personally, I don't prefer residential & commercial in same complex. Creates chaos once everything is complete & occupied. Simple eg. here is Empire Estate.

          Doesn't Comply to Vaastu-Shastra :-

          This is one of my important criterion & not a single flat is good according to Vastushastra, be it 2 BR or 4 BR, so even if rest of the things would have been good, this would have been surely a deal breaker for me.

          Apart from this, issues like shadow of one building falling on another due to less space between 2 towers, poor cross ventilation were additional issues. The salesguy told that there are also 6 BR flats, where some 2 x 2 BR flats were joined & made single flat....some FSI issue. Then I thought tomorrow builder may even launch 1, 1.5 BR flats also which will reduce the premium-ness of the project & finally lack of clarity of end product were other factors which reduced my confidence in this.

          Conclusion :-

          Dropped the idea of buying here for reasons mentioned above.

          Hope you all found this review useful.
          If you are happy, you are successful.


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            Re : Empire Square, Empire Estate, Chinchwad, Pune

            Good review RA. agree that "neeche dukan, upar makaan" is not good fore residential. All not so wanted crowd for no reason uses the area creating nuisance and worse in night some drunkards etc. A gated society with no shops inside the complex is the ideal setup. But if once is ok to put up with such things (say bachelors whose more priority are such amenities), then it should be ok.
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              Re : Empire Square, Empire Estate, Chinchwad, Pune

              Thank you realacres. I too thought Sukhwani-Agarwal and gang a 'gang' for sure. They refused to commit to anything - possession date, occupancy certificate, and even the final rates. On top of that the lady executive has the audacity to say that unless and until you give us the entire booking amount, we (Sukhwani-Agarwal) have the liberty to charge you any rate whatsoever!

              It's as if she and her bloody employer were doing us a favour by even considering us as buyers! This when I know for a fact that apartments there aren't selling at all...


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                Re : Empire Square, Empire Estate, Chinchwad, Pune

                Originally posted by realacres View Post
                I had been to this place some time back and here is my take on it :-

                Cons :-

                Location ?? Strange ?? Yeah, because of following reasons :-

                > There is smashanbhoomi near it,
                Hope you all found this review useful.
                Hey thanks Realacres for such a detailed review. The review is so detailed that it gives as much information as a person can get by visitng the site.
                Many thanks for sharing your views.
                Just for that shashambhoomi thing, I think it is located bit away from the project, near the road crossing which goes from Autocluster to KSB chowk.


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                  Re : Empire Square, Empire Estate, Chinchwad, Pune

                  Friends, I visited this site on Friday. The rate quoted is 4950/- psf till 4th floor and then Rs 50/- per floor. So the rate goes up by about Rs 900/- psf till 22nd floor.
                  This rate was available till sunday ( if we believe the salesperson). In all, a 2bhk on 7th floor costs around 70,00,000/-


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                    Re : Empire Square, Empire Estate, Chinchwad, Pune

                    Did anybody buy here recently...whats the current rate quote?


                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?