Hi All,

I recieved sms yesterday from Rama Groups offering 2BHK and 3BHK 26.40lk and 31.60lk resp ( all inclusive ).

Its for "Swiss Wonder" Project

Anybody who knows about this company and project???
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  • Hi there,
    i am also looking for that project, but of pimple saudagar not of wakad.

    they say they are not takeing bookings of 3 BHk . but i need to find about this Group soon .

  • Hi,

    I did litlte RnD on above project. The sq feet area they are offering is less that 1000 even for 3 BHK.

    32 LK for 1000 less sq feet is not worth.
  • Is the Project specified Swiss Wonder or the swiss county??? and what is the rate and possesion date they are promissing??
  • Immediate possession.. Its SWISS WONDER
  • As per my knowledge Rama group is not one builder but is a group of builder. Check website and you will not find details of project. Also it is not in pimple saudgar but in Rahatani and that too inside.
  • yeah its not worth??
    u c i feel a person should decide on the cost hez goin to pay depending upon the aim with which he wishes to buy the flat.
    i ve the aim of investing as of now so as to get the max benfit of recession and the sixth pay commission as i m a govt employee . moreso wid no liability on me at this stg wherin i m single , i believe this is the most appropriate time to pikj up a home loan.
    can u suggest me somthing ...in pune wherein i can get a 2BHK in the rg of 25-28 lacs??
    i ve seen the sai marigold project, n liked its loc in terms of finding a tenant?? pl lemme know if tenants are easily available in pune if u r awre?
  • Hi Neha,
    Me too looking for flats at same rate. My dad is also goverment employee and basically looking flat for them, as he gonna retire soon.

    Finding tenant is not issue in pune, many IT guys and students are there. You just need to advertise your property. :)
  • Rama Group - Quality so so...wouldn't buy again

    I bought a flat from them in Cappriccio and given that experience, I would NEVER recommend that builder to anyone. The possession was delayed by almost a year, after paying up 90%, I had to wait for possession and in the meanwhile i was paying interest on the loan amount. Once they gave possession, it took almost 1.5 years to get the gym/clubhouse/other common facilities ready...in effect, project was completed 2.5 years later.

    In Gym/Club house, they put second hand used equipments such as the pool table....once they sell the apartment, it will be very difficult to get hold of the project guys or even the sales guy. No one takes responsibility in their organization.....so don't expect professionalism from them.

    On the fly, they make rules about who has access to common facilities and owners don't have a say in the matters - of course, if you question, no one will answer - so you end up running pillar to post without any resolution, even though you would have paid for maitenance fees for 3 years upfront.

    Overall, there are better builders out there who makes an attempt to provide service to their customers and fulfill their committments....not Rama group.
  • Who are those better builders; I don't hear any names praised here except Rohan builders and Paranjape ;)?
  • Originally Posted by puser
    Who are those better builders; I don't hear any names praised here except Rohan builders and Paranjape ;)?

    There are Panchshil, Marvel, Vascon to name a few
  • ..................................... Dsk