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My parents are making a huge shift in their lives. Theyve lived in Delhi for 28 years, and have now made a brave decision to shift to Pune in the next 6 months. Neither I nor my parents have never been to Pune and have no idea of what the city is like. We've heard pune is a happy, friendly and green city, quite contrasting to delhi, and i'm glad theyve decided to shift!They dont really know anyone there either (theyre retired and just want to shift closer to bombay where my sister is. i am currently in the US).

Which area should they look for a home? Ive heard that the best connectivity with bombay will be with the west - wakad, baner and aundh. so they are most interested in those areas. But ive also heard that viman nagar and koregaon park are the best areas within the city ... please suggest. I would like them to shift to a place where there is not just a young crowd (though good, spacious constructions (kitchen and balcony especially) near IT areas are welcome), and where they can mingle with people and make new friends. Im nervous about this big shift in their lives, and want them to move to a place which is already well settled.

Their budget is 80 L - 1 Cr. A ready-to-move-in place (within 6 months) would be just great! ... A place that preferably has people staying there already, even if it's a new-ish construction.

Any advice for new folk shifting to Pune?

Thank you so much :)
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  • People who have tasted Delhi would find Pune as backward mostly infrastructure wise.. the "zing" of Delhi culture will be vastly missed.

    Magarpatta is the most planned township in Pune. I would rate it number one among all townships in Pune at present.

    Also, connectivity to Mumbai is no big deal. home pick and drop is available for Rs750 per person one side.
  • Just giving the nearness to Mumbai angle in decreasing order (lower in the list , farther from Mumbai)

    Lonavala - nearest to Mumbai. Between 1 to 1.5 hours you can touch Navi Mumbai region. Is a hill station with very good weather (especially in monsoon). Will take around same time to travel to Pune center. Good facility of college, hospital etc but not comparable to Pune.

    Talegaon - As name suggest its pretty much a gaon. If I do not have school going kids etc, will be first choice to stay given the good weather and quiet surroundings. Very less air pollution. Travel to Pune take 30 min to an hour. You can buy a lavish banglow in this place with 1 crore. No mall. Infrasture sort of ok ok for small palce but close to highway. Only one college/ hospital and few choices of school (only one convent). Lot of Mumbai folks owned second homes in this place.

    Pimpri-Chinchwad - Industrial town close to Mumbai Pune highway. Lotsa development happening. Infrastructure like roads/connetivity etc far better than Pune. Slightly less polluted and crowded than Pune (location dependent). Travel to Pune center takes around 30 to 45 min. Good mix of people from all walks of life. Good facilities like college, hospitals, theaters, malls, schools etc in this place.

    Wakad - Purely IT driven settlement. Some posh societies like Mahindra Woods / Aphostrophe / Park Steret are this place. Close to Hinjewadi. Traval to Pune Center 15 to 30 min. Majority of settlers are inventors or IT people. facility like college/hospital/school prety much dependent upon Aundh.

    Aundh/Baner - Sought after place in Pune west especillay amongst inventors/IT people. Good facilities like college, hospitals, theaters, malls etc in this place. Mix crowd buy Baner has more IT folks.

    tired now .... some other kind sole pls expand further ;)
  • Current Pune is not like in 80s or 90s Pune, so if there is no direct bonding with Pune then instead of Pune I wud suggest to look for new Mumbai
  • StillSearching. I guess that path will lead them your plight viz ढूढते रह जाओगे :D
  • i cudn't figure out why pune? Your parents can shift to Navi mumbai rather. I dont think pune is that green anymore as it used to be couple of years ago.

    Lonavala is too good for post retirement stay i would say.. :)
  • For a elderly couple who are natives of Delhi, Pune can be quite a bit of culture shock.
    So it is best to choose areas which are cosmopolitan in feel, i.e. where you see a lot of north indian crowd going about their daily routine.

    Being elderly, they would prefer a big society, in a pretty well developed area, rather than acting as a pioneer to populate a new suburb in Pune.

    I would recommend:
    Kalyaninagar, Viman Nagar, NIBM Road, Pimple Saudagar, Baner road, Hadapsar.

    Connectivity with Bombay should be the least of your criteria. Being elderly, they are not going to commute everyday for work, that the extra 45 mins in traffic is going to matter.

    Koregaon Park is the best if budget is unlimited.

    Areas to definitely avoid (dont even waste your time)
    Camp, Kothrud, Deccan, Erandwane, Peth areas.

    Examples of Puneri khadoosness:
    You get a written notice because you did not close the door of the lift 10 days ago.
    Shopkeeper refuses to give you a plastic carrybag even if you are ready to pay him 2 rs, and lectures you on eco friendliness.
    Rickshawwallah refuses to stop for you at the end of his shift, if you want to go in opposite direction of his house. He will also politely explain to you that his family is waiting with a hot dinner.
  • Pashan is a cool green place. Pretty close to city. Connectivity to hinjewadi and mumbai good.

    Baner --- for same reasons as above.

    Aundh -- Pros same as above.
    Cons -- more expensive, congested.

    Koregaon park , boat club road , kalyani nagar are the best but out of your budget.

    Viman nagar -- proximity to KP and kalyani nagar and airport are the only pros.

    you cn get a good 2 bhk in your budget
  • With that kind of budget, a 3bhk in kalyani nagar should be possible i am sure (atleast from the scene last year) In my opinion its an awesome place for senior citizens with lots of greenery, beautiful parks and a plex nearby too.

    @Thread Starter: Adjusting to a new city will be tough initially but its fine if you have an open mind. There is a marked difference between how a Dillwala and a puneri behave and talk.
    I maybe biased as i live in Gurgaon but my heart is in Pune, but it should be a very nice experience.
  • hey all!
    thank you soooo much for the recommendations, it reallyy helps for someone who is almost completely in the dark.
    i understand some of you saying that it'll be a culture shock, etc, and pune'll be a strange place for someone from delhi, but my parents are still keen on shifting there because they *want* to shift to a slightly smaller city. theyre tired of delhi's jostle.

    as of now, after reading a little online, looking at the map and after forwarding this thread to my mum, they're keen on aundh (they'll be visiting soon). any suggestions on which areas/localities in aundh?
  • At 1 crore you will be able to afford pretty much anything in Aundh ;)
  • I'm not sure why only Pune is the option for them. I believe Nasik is better choice for retired people considering climate, culture, peace, cosmo area. Proximity to Mumbai by train is also good (3 hrs).
  • Originally Posted by newone001
    I'm not sure why only Pune is the option for them. I believe Nasik is better choice for retired people considering climate, culture, peace, cosmo area. Proximity to Mumbai by train is also good (3 hrs).

    yes Nasik is small and developing city close to Mumbai so I consider it good option for retirement, but language could be an issue as Hindi may not be common(first) language there
  • Kalyaninagar, Vimannagar are available options...though connectivity to Mumbai from KN,VN is not best, but looking at cosmopolitan crowd here, settling would be quite easy than kothrud, Aundh/baner.
    and close to 1Cr budget, you would get some well developed society.