I have got a rate of 2645 at Rajaveer Palace.... is this good, heard that he even is selling at less than that !!. Can you all confirm if this is a good rate for Rajaveer Palace by GK Developers at Pimple Saudagar.
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  • Originally Posted by commonman2k9

    I had been to Mirchandani Palms today through a broker. I was told that if you go with a cheque book in your hand, hink 2500 is the rate. Nice project.However, i am confused a bit, whether to buy now or not.

    The peak rates were 3200 and the rates now are 2900, so not even 10% down.I wonder is it worth the risk, buying a flat now with so much of insecurity. Right now it seems, the chances of rates going down seems more.

    Every year, once the mansoon starts, the sales goes down significantly till the season starts again in Diwali. Thats why there so many adds of budget flats are coming up from desperate builders. I think its good wait and watch more.Guys, please let me know what do you think.

    I also see builders are quoting Rs. 50-100 more than the rate was a month back. I think, its the same tactics if the builders of creating panic among buyers that the rates are going up. The buyers who have made up their mind are always going to buy because 50-100 Rs psft does not make much of difference. So, a very smart move :) The buyers have to be more smarter and wait for the rainy season to come.

    By the way, in the posts mentioned above i see a lot of havoc going on over a single arcticle. Out of curiosity i went through the article and found it to be very good, especially if you are a buyer. I am surprised to see the statistics of unsold inventory from Pune builders. RealPune, thanks for posting such article and speaking from the buyers side.(I see lots of pro builder comments on ths forum :))

    The builders can't keep ready posesion flats unsold. The reason is simple, the building condition deteriorates and its very tough to find buyers for a flat which has been vacant for over an year. The best example is the scheme by Kalcon developers exactly opposite to Park Street. I won't buy a flat even if offerred for 1800 psft.

    Please help me out, i am a confused buyer. If i think logically it looks like rates are heading towards a drop, but don't how long i will have to wait.

    Common Man,
    Thanks for the compliments. This would really fuel me up in writing a few more posts.

    And very good analysis from you. I see buyers becoming much smarter these days.

    And don't get confused. Go with your logical thinking and hold on with your money till then. Make FDs of your down payment money and enjoy on the interest!!! You can get a nice row house for 13-14k in PS area.

    Postpone your buying decision and Save few lakhs for a rainy day,
  • Originally Posted by vbrege

    I think the latest negotiable is 2850 but I am not sure as I booked a while ago. After you assure them that you are really interested in buying and approach them with chequebook, they might bring this down. They dont give this rate on . The standard rate is still 3000/-. If the buyers sentiment continues, I wont be surprised if the standard rate goes up too. As far as I know, no one on this forum has got 2550 or so because I have tried contacting many people. Even if they have got that rate, it would be in Feb or early March.

    As per my survey so far, **only** the GK builders seems to have increased the prices post election results.

    I went to Sai Heritage just to check current rates of GK. They were not ready to go below 2650 p/sq.ft.

    It looked like the deal would close for 2600.

    So, roughly 100 sq ft more than what was happening just **15 days** back.

    But, other builders are still quoting the same.
  • Hello common man,

    Have u booked flat there. ? Do u get rate 2500.?
  • Rajveer Palace

    me too visited pimple saudagar area yesterday. Looking at the builders reputation, i think GK is quite lucarative. Folks can we do one thing: create a group of genuine people who are interested in buying a property in PS area and approach to builder in a group. This will work to get down per sq. feet rate. Yesterday GK was quoting 2900 p.s.f for Rajveer Palace.
  • Originally Posted by vbrege
    I have seen your posts here and within last week or so, you have called multiple people "brokers" or "builder agents". And then you come and say "Dont take it personally"? I wonder how much people will trust your judgement after this

    Anyways, you think prices will still bottom out by another 30-40%, I dont think so.....lets meet up after 6 months and see whos right. I have completed my deal and would not be repenting that later even if the prices bottom out. If they do, I wish the very best to you and the likes of you !!!


    I can understand your hassle due to your helplessness of putting up some facts,figures and analysis ;) Leave it to the people to decide who to follow and whom not to.

    Rates will go down fore sure. No one can predict the exact % of fall as no one can time the market. But there is no reason for the prices to go up.

    1. People can't dare to buy so costly flats with loan and insecurity in job.
    2. No investors are buying flat now, as they used to in 2005. Only genuine buyers who need a shelter to stay are thinking to buy.

    Don't see any reason for the prices to go up.
  • Originally Posted by akssenti
    You can have your opinion and we can have our. We are not calling you names so please avoid the same in future. Democracy my friend. Lets behave like mature individuals. I booked a flat with GK and the guy gives decent quality. You are welcome to stay in Balewadi, i think that was your preferance, and have a great time. Lets end his GK and non-GK war. People are anyway intelligent and will not buy based on only your or our prediction.

    I see lots of good posts by realpune putting up his logical thinking based on facts and figures which is definitely helping buyers like me.

    On the other hand, akssenti and vbrege are sounding very much like GK sales person. From all your posts you mention only one thing i.e. buy from GK whatever rates he may quote. You appear to quote only pros of GK projects, but what about cons my dear ?

    If you really believe in democracy, let everybody write the facts.

    There are lots of negatives pointed out about Rajaveer Palace too. I don;t see any single reply to these by you guys. Like:-
    1. Someone said 'Railway boggies' like plan.
    2. Very less space for amnities and no amenities from most of the flats.
    3. When in future on left and right side of the project, new development comes up, it will be very conngested and can't be called as Palace by any stretch of imagination.
  • Originally Posted by wishmaster
    Hello common man,

    Have u booked flat there. ? Do u get rate 2500.?


    I went through a broker there and he was claiming that he can settle it for 2500.

    But i am thinking to go and negotiate on my own to avoid brokerage. In fact i am thinking to wait a bit more.

    Not for per square feet rate to fall but overall 3BHK flat cost to about around 30L.
  • Up or Down

    Hi people,

    Its been busy here with bears and bulls.

    Personally i dont know an iota of this palace.

    Sincere advice to folks - diverging fm post

    Mkts and RE dont jell.

    C a numbers of posts on this subjects with loads of data.

    Mkt up does not mean Property will be up:(

    Huge shortage of house and land is primarily due to Govt lethargy

    Not providing good INFRA- roads + water + educational institutes .

    Not providing good environment + unclear rules

    Who profits - politico & or Bldrs

    There is no dearth of land.

    IT jobs have evaporated + no increments & no speculators NO DEMAND.

    Have the prices of steel + cement increased in a month to justify PSF

    price increase

    If one is genuine buyer do not time the mkt.
  • this looks like a big thread.

    I have seen Rajaveer some 6 months back and its a decent project, thought not the best. Go for it if you want to buy. A rate difference of 100-200 per sq ft should not be a big deal if you are a serious home buyer looking to live there for at least the next 20 years or so. I found the construction better in quality compared to their other Roseland project. Roseland was managed by some engineers who were newly hired, while the Rajaveer one was managed by their older experienced ones.

    the land on both sides (left and right) of Rajaveer is also owned by GK, but not the entire stretch. only upto 40% of it, so expect their projects there as well in the next 1-2 years.
  • Please abide by the name of the thread

    Please abide by the name of the thread!

    Can anyone tell the current(after 15th May) negotiated rate of Rajaveer Palace?

    Has anyone booked flat here recently? If so, can you please tell the corresponding rate?

    And, if you don't want to reveal it on public forum, kindly send me a private message.

  • Hi All

    Is there is anybody who have booked the flat in Rajaveer Palace within 2 month and get rate below 2600/-PSF

    Please share if you know somebody or you have book the flat and got rate below 2600/-PSF

  • realpune,

    Congrats, you got a follower in "commonman" !!! Someone to listen to you after some time. Anyways, what facts and figures do you want from me? I have purchased my flat, a home for me to stay, not as an investment and I did because I can manage the expenses. If thats not fact enough for you, what is? Business articles? If the builder lobby pays the article writer to write in their favor, would he still be truthful and write for the public? So, I'd rather talk to someone who has actually purchased a flat in the specific apartment or area rather than going for analysis in business magazines. Thats my view, some have the same, some dont.

    commonman (read further ONLY if you are not another ID of realpune),

    If you have the patience to read the entire thread and some other threads, you will come to know for sure if I and akssenti are agents or not. If you dont have that much patience, stop the unnecessary mudslinging. People have asked us for our opinions and we gave them our advice. If you dont want it, you dont take it, its that simple. Just in case you are weak with your knowledge of such forums, you can see all posts someone has written (Ask me if you are too dumb to find out how to do that). Go and see how many people akssenti has advised so far and that too for how many different areas/schemes.
    On the other hand, your mentor "realpune" is quoting articles in different papers and saying rates in PS would come down. Interestingly, he started from 1600-1800 and now has come to 2200-2300. What a man of his word !!! Anyways, if you choose to believe articles, heres one from the biggest newspaper group

    This was way back in Jan and I wrote them a furious mail accusing them of misguiding people, because they said that the time to buy is till March'09 only which I thought was wrong. If you want to believe in articles though, you have already missed your chance. What will you do now? As a "confused" home buyer, I dont have any empathy for you as you already insulted people who are ready to help in spite of the fact that their work is done. I'd have said "good luck" but I guess I'll skip it.

    This was way back in Jan and I wrote them a furious mail accusing them of misguiding people, because they said that the time to buy is till March'09 only which I thought was wrong. If you want to believe in articles though, you have already missed your chance. What will you do now? As a "confused" home buyer, I dont have any empathy for you as you already insulted people who are ready to help in spite of the fact that their work is done. I'd have said "good luck" but I guess I'll skip it.
  • i have been there yesterday, he is quoting 2850 as the final rate and says they are on track to give posessions for A B C D wings as well in December. Though I did not negotiate much, i overheard another couple negotiating hard and looks like the final rate offered is 2800.

    they have a total of 9 (towers) x 7 (floors) x 4 (per floor) = 252 flats in rajaveer and salesguy says 75% is booked. Do any one has some insider info ? I looked and building C and B and all the options i liked are gone.
  • i was there yesterday, and he qouted 2850. Though i did not negotiate much, i overheard a couple negotiating hard and 2800 was the final offer. The salesman says 75% is booked. Do anyone has more insider info here ?

    They are saying the A B C and D buildings will be ready by December for sure. I was looking for Building B or C, but all the options i wanted are gone. Even the flats which are not garden facing but in the west side are all gone. Looks like this place is crowded with IT folks only ?
  • tsongt,

    I booked around a month back and even then they didnt offer me the B and C garden facing ones so I booked in A. Can possibly be a tactic but not sure