Hey I need feedback on bavdhan projects such as Ambience Antilia, Pristine Fontana etc..can anyone please guide me regarding that?
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  • Why this beautiful area has been ignored? Me too interested in Bavdhan but no information or feedback so far!!
  • Originally Posted by Punereality
    Hey I need feedback on bavdhan projects such as Ambience Antilia, Pristine Fontana etc..can anyone please guide me regarding that?

    bavdhan is a good area but don't pay more than 2300 for that area if it is between chandni chowk and pashan circle. there are some projects between chandani chowk and bhugaon toll plaza which are not good.
  • Bavdhan

    Recently I have visited Pristine Fontana, rate is 2800/- but you will have very few options left. First building has left no covered parking.
    Other project Nancy has good location but he is still quoating 3300/-psq ft.
    Look like impossible to get a good deal in Bavdhan!!
  • Can anybody tell me rates near Bavdhan?

    please share some information about the same.
  • Did you get good deal finally in bavdhan ? I am also looking for a deal in bavdhan area ?
  • 1. Viva
    2. Nancy
    3. Karan Group

    I went to these projects in Bavdhan, but they are costly.
    Kindly keep me posted for any new development. If some group is negotiating on group booking, then do let me know.
  • Try Ambiience Antilia. I heard someone could book at 3025 or something like that. Project plan looks good. 3 buildings and you have smaller 2BHK option there I guess.

    In some other post I came to know that, builder quoted someone a price of about 3120~3200. So there is some room for nego.

    PS: I am not seller/sales agent/or talking on behalf of the builder :)
  • I think all of us, who are interested in Bavdhan, Pashan, wakad or Baner road can come together and ask for good dea. Please do not take it lightly.....if any individual goes they tell any rates to anyone.

    If we would ask for 5-6 flats, they will definately give good rates.

    Get in touch with me, I have so many peoples intersted in above areas. am not agent....am a BUYER.
  • to vinson123

    i am interested in bavdhan but at present located outside pune. pl. post whatever info. yoiu colect.i agree with your idea of a group.
  • I agree.

    Hi, I agree with you unity makes lot of difference. If we can negotitate for 5-6 apartments together, they will come down.
  • I am in for 2-3 BHK in bavdhan.
  • I am also looking for 2-3 BHK in bavdhan area ...
  • I am too interested in 3 BHK in Bavdhan, Wakad, Pashan, Baner area

    I am open to join a group for better bargaining. Count me in.

    I am sharing the rates quoted to me in one of the recent visits to Pune this weekend


    Dynasty 2950
    Kesar-Sonigara - 2700
    Vardhaman - 2400
    Mont vert - 2700
    Costarica - 2500 ( not sure if it still exists)

    Dream homes(opr something like that in Bavhdan just of Expressway) - 3100

    Pimple Saudagar

    Laxmi Aangan - 3200
    Sai Residency - 3200
  • Guys..Am also interested in Bavdhan.. Nancy is quoting 47Lacs for 2BHK which is really expensive. Do let me know if there are any good projects in Bavdhan at reasonable rates?
  • VIVA HALLMARK is one you can look at. I have booked there.