Hey I need feedback on bavdhan projects such as Ambience Antilia, Pristine Fontana etc..can anyone please guide me regarding that?
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  • Projects in bavdhan

    Hi Guys..I am also looking for 2-3 BHK in bavdhan. Count me in too for group booking.
  • Hi Guys,

    I am also interested for 2BHK in Bavdhan.
  • Brookside project by Pinnacle is one of the good options for those searching in Bavdhan. They have spacious 2/3 BHK flats.
  • Originally Posted by sshetty70
    I am open to join a group for better bargaining. Count me in.

    I am sharing the rates quoted to me in one of the recent visits to Pune this weekend


    Dynasty 2950
    Kesar-Sonigara - 2700
    Vardhaman - 2400
    Mont vert - 2700
    Costarica - 2500 ( not sure if it still exists)

    Dream homes(opr something like that in Bavhdan just of Expressway) - 3100

    Pimple Saudagar

    Laxmi Aangan - 3200
    Sai Residency - 3200

    Please dont pay 3200 in PS. Not worth it as of today. PS is a decent place to stay but its not worth 3200. I bought flat with GK builders at 2450 in Feb so 700 sqft increase in 7 months just shows the way hasty decisions are killing market for so many people. GK builders is decent and gave possesion one month before time and construction is fine but 3200 in PS is a futuristic rate. The 100 ft road will take 4 more years at least, and it will take some more time for PS to become as good as some other places where you can get houses for 3200 today. Also, i don't think many people delayed booking because rates were absurdly high. Just delayed because job security was not their. Now that job security seems better and "sentiment" is positive lots of people seem rushing in to buy a flat.
    I would suggest look for good resale flats and be patient to make the right choice.
  • I am also interested in 2BHK in Bavdhan or Wakad area.
    Count me in for group bookings.

    I visited Dynasty in Wakad and found it to be good.
    He has quoted me 2750/-.
  • Anyone recently visited to the below schemes in bavdhan ? If yes can somone post the current rate and trends with below schemes ?

    1. Viva
    2. Nancy
    3. Karan Group
    4. Pristine Fontana
  • Nancy Brahma

    Nancy Brahma quoted me 3250 p.s.f. The flats are limited I think to 2-3 2BHKs and 1 3BHK.

    Think the rates are quite high. What do you guys think? I have yet to see other schemes in this area. I am looking at a 3 BHK.
  • Viva

    I have booked in VIVA around 4 months back when rates were around 3000. I find the overall experience with builder good & also satisfied with construction quality. So far so good...
  • wakad/pimple saudagar


    I had been to dynasty and sonigara-kesar in wakad. 2850/- and 2700/- respectively. When asked sonigara about discount, he said its going to be increased to 2850/- from tomorrow . Also, Ganeesham in PS is quoting arouns 3000/- which seems a bit higher.

    Does anybody know of other projects with rates around 2600-2700?
  • I am also interested in this area..
  • Originally Posted by w_sanjay
    Anyone recently visited to the below schemes in bavdhan ? If yes can somone post the current rate and trends with below schemes ?

    1. Viva
    2. Nancy
    3. Karan Group
    4. Pristine Fontana

    How about Ambience Antilia and the construction next to it? These two are near pristine fontana? Or Zinnea or the constructions near it?
  • Buyer group

    Originally Posted by vinson123
    I think all of us, who are interested in Bavdhan, Pashan, wakad or Baner road can come together and ask for good dea. Please do not take it lightly.....if any individual goes they tell any rates to anyone.

    If we would ask for 5-6 flats, they will definately give good rates.

    Get in touch with me, I have so many peoples intersted in above areas. am not agent....am a BUYER.

    Its really nice idea to form a group and decide timeline for this group. I am game, lokking for 2bhk with fair price(hoping to resduce this inflated price by builders).. you can reach me on shridharjoshgmail.com
  • Nimishi or anyone else what r the price quoted for Amience antila vs Pristine fontana vs Zinnea ? do you have any updates ?
  • ambience antilia quoted 3300 and pristine fontana 3100 for posession after 2 years and 3400 for immediate posession. This was 4 months ago. the construction next to ambience antilia quoted 3000 6 months ago, and 3100 4 months ago.

    sorry friend, i do not have the latest rates :(
  • Nancy, Viva

    Nancy Brahma:

    Need to add Rs 100 odd to their per sqft rate as there are several extras (such as generator backup etc) over the base price, some of which are usually included in the base price. Liked but didn't book as I wanted a corner flat (i.e. 2 sides open) which supposedly is not available.

    Viva Hallmark:

    Liked the project but hesitating to commit as
    a. Unknown builder + under construction
    b. Outside PMC
    c. The optimal access (via DSK Ranwara side) depends on the construction of a bridge which may take forever...