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2 BHK required East Pune


2 BHK required East Pune

Last updated: September 14 2012
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  • 2 BHK required East Pune

    Guess what! After waiting for last so many years, waiting to see prices stabilizing and trying to ensure that I have a good DP, I decided, perhaps looking at Pune real estate prices, I might never be ever able to buy a flat.

    I started the search a year back with a budget of 30 lakh... Guess what, people laughed at me! How can you ever expect a flat in 30 lakh? Tried outskirts where I would just not like to stay but greed of owning a flat and dream that the price will appreciate and i'll get 300% to 400% appreciation in the long term took over my sensibility and I continued the dream hunt.... I am sure a lot of you must be smiling and some even laughing!

    What happened? Nothing available in that budget last year outside Pmc limit, tried negotiating, builders won't budge, I tried negotiating hard with one builder who gave me a hope that he will give me some meagre discount, called me to his office and by the time I reached, told me the flat is gone. I told my wife it is his tactic and let's not give in, he'll call us in a week if we play ' don't blink' successfully.... No calls, called him after two weeks, told us one more flat available but has increased the price..... Lol so I decided to put the idea of house hunting again to the back shelf, and decided to track the euro crisis closely and started waiting for Greece to exit the EU and hope it will bring some sensibility back into Pune builders and they will start charging 'affordable' amount..... Guess what, yes you are right!

    I started the search again this year with the same budget but nothing is possible in 30- 35 lakh budget.... Increased the budget to 45-50 ( slight over leveraging) but in that budget also I get something in Undri or Wagholi ( decent builder and modern amenities and off course no water or road or social life nearby )

    Here is where I am reaching out to forum members for advice , I like a Flat in Undri ( wateridge ) ready posession, decent quality but it is further ahead of bishop school close to 1 km, shops close by but nothing great! But yes would be able to get the basic necessities nearby and won't have to travel far off to get the drinking water can :-)

    My wife on the other hand started surfing net and using plethora of information available on net to find the future prospects of undri and check if we'll get some returns for staying in a place without water or roads.... So hunt started again and we found one place in wagholi. She seems to be convinced that wagholi will be much better than undri in future , only difference between undri and wagholi being there is no shop around in wagholi in the radius of 3 km as compared to undri where it is within 1 km. she seems to be convinced that wagholi will give better returns, have seen Konark property in wagholi but it is little more than the budget I decided and will take close to one and half year to complete. She was more interested in Kharadi but nothing available in 50 lakh budget in Kharadi ( I don't want to go for resale property :-( )

    I look forward to your suggestions, should I pick up wateridge in undri which is complete or Konark in wagholi? I want to live in my 'own' house for few years before I get a job which takes me to another city, Curently i work in magarpatta, I want to get some returns also on my investment. So please help me! I have never invested in property and not from Pune ( though have been living here for last 6 years) so desperately need help from the experts.
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    Re : 2 BHK required East Pune

    Good to know your view about your comparision between undri and wagholi,But whatever problem is there in wagholi .You will find wagholi is always a better investment .
    1) Connected to Nagar Road, that will always in limelight .
    2) Bridge proposed between wagholi and shikrapur.
    Builders know the value of this place ,this is the reason in last two years ,Larger number of project in pune lauch in this palce.
    I have find that in the same forum ,in the last tow price moves up from 1600 to 3500PSF.


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      Re : 2 BHK required East Pune

      Considering the situation & options, IMO, Wagholi is better than undri.


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        Re : 2 BHK required East Pune

        Thanks for your views! I visited Undri again just now, there are numerous projects coming up in Undri as well and all of them seem to be luxurious projects, just checked Godrej, they are quotating 60 lakh for their lowest 2 BHK and charging more than Marvel Fria. They don't have their own land and constructor is Vascon... Which suggests, at least to my logic that the appreciation in Undri will be there in 3 to 5 year horizon whereas Wagholi might take few more years. The reason I am more inclined towards Undri is because I am getting ready possession flat.


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          Re : 2 BHK required East Pune

          Wagholi has Pristine Meadows ready possession.
          Some Alphascapes etc as well. Quite a few on nagar road.

          Ivy- umang premiere is mid next year possession.

          I don't like wagholi that much since road to eon has 5 years horizon.
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            Re : 2 BHK required East Pune

            Kondhwa, wanowrie, Undri, NIBM are better than Wagholi.

            1. Cost is lower
            2. Better schools, colleges
            3. 9 Km from camp and 13 km to 15Km from Railway station versus 22 Km from Wagholi.
            4. Airport is 20Km.
            5. Construction in the wagholi area will continue for another 7-8 years for it to get into shape of a locality,

            Check out lake district project by PRA; delayed but possession is nearing.
            layout and construction quality is good.


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              Re : 2 BHK required East Pune

              Riddhiman....part of the info provided by you is right...but please also see the below details;

              1. Check out property rates in any peripheral areas such as Hinjewadi, Moshi, Wagholi, Mohammadwadi, Narhe, etc. All these areas command a rate of 3400-3800 psf.

              2. Wagholi is destined to be the next educational hub with 27 colleges/international schools.

              3. With Shivane-Kharadi riverside road and EON IT Park-Wagholi bypass road almost in last stages of planning, Wagholi is surely to be much close to Pune city centre. Needless to say, with metro phase 1 sanctioned up to Kharadi will further boost the connectivity on Nagar Road.

              4. Airport is just 6-8 Km away either from main Nagar Road or Wagholi-Lohegaon road.

              5. IT/Software as well as manufacturing industries has a huge base in Nagar road area than Wanowrie, Kondhwa, Lullanagar.

              6. Yes, Wagholi is currently in the initial phase of development and may take another 7-8 years to become a full fledge Pune suburb. But then that's what is the time required for any other suburb to completely develop (given the slow pace of policy implementation by our godfathers i.e rulers of PMC & state govt.)
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                Re : 2 BHK required East Pune


                @paisawasool:good points.

                Here is another side:

                1. Kondhwa/Undri provides proximity to NH4 (4-5 Km).
                2. Proximity to manufacturing units makes water, electricity an issue for the residents. Wagholi will likely suffer from this problem for a long time to come.
                3. Kondhwa is surrounded by hills. In 1-2 years, air will be even more clean as construction activity will slow down. It will be much better place to stay in 1-2 years than Wagholi.
                4. Schools and colleges are equally good in both the locations.
                5. Best residential areas like sopan baug, boat club road, Prabhat road etc. in Pune may not have the proximity to IT parks but they surely have better air, water and electricity condition. Kondhwa is likely to stand in a better position in all these aspects.
                Wagholi has water issue even today and given the extent of construction likely in the future, water situation is going to get worsened.


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                  Re : 2 BHK required East Pune

                  Another issue with Wagholi apart from Water issue:

                  Proximity to airport/manufacturing units makes the projects prone to following issues:

                  1. Noise pollution.
                  2. NA certificate for the projects is hard to come by which makes delay beyond being bearable a pain in the neck for the buyers for eg, PRA east evenue
                  3. Wagholi is in the line of take off and landing for aircrafts as it is in vertical distance of the runway, so take off and landing causes some noise a constant part of lifestyle in wagholi (at least in most of the projects).
                  4. Upto 8 Km from Inorbit till wagholi - shops and necessaries are hardly visible.


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                    Re : 2 BHK required East Pune

                    900 sqft 2 BHK flats in Kharadi can be bought for 40 to 45L.


                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?