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I visited Alcove project by Atual Enterprises in pimple saudagar, opposite Rajaveer Palace. They are offering 2600 psf and possession is in May 2010. Project layout and specifications are quite good and they are providing almost all amenities.

I would like to know about the builder reputation and kind of construction he gives. Also if anyone of you have visited this project and know the price ? Please suggest me what should be the exact price for this project? Also let me know if anyone has purchased a flat in this?

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  • I also visited Alcove last day and they have good rush and sales person did not get time to talk to us. I saw show flat and it looks good, however my colleague told me they are not going to give these much whatever they are shwoing in show flat.

    Also about price, they are not negotiating it. Possession in May 2010 looks difficult to me.
  • Atul is reputed builder. But do not have many constructions in Pune. I hav e seen Leela garden iin Kalyani nagar by Atul. Alcove plan looks good. But initial booking and May 2010 for inner buildings. complex is far too inside in PS and then buildings he is offering are last one in row so lot to walk.
  • Looking at project size I don't think possesion can ve before sept 2010. on booking flat now rate rate 2600/- one has to pay interest of around 3 lakhs before possession. so it is better to book in ready possesion flat evan by paying 200/- extra.
  • Planning to Wait...!!!

    I totally agree with you Mahesh that you will have to pay 3 lakhs extra as an interest. Coz i also see the project not getting completed before sep 2010.

    But in PS, ready possession societies are not as good as is planned by Alcove. Friends in 35 lakhs i don't think we are getting any decent society in PS area. All the societies are very new and not as good as compared to Alcove layout. You will have to compromise on the society in PS area.

    I went to alcove last weekend and they are saying that they have very few flats remanining as most of them are booked, also you don't have much choice of flats. They have basically got all the flats booked. What do you guys say, is it a truth or they are lying but not providing the options ?
  • prakash,

    If your budget is 35L, try Rajaveer palace. Phase 1 possession in July, Phase 2 in December (maybe even earlier). GK is a reputed developer in this area and delivers on time, as promised. Few of my friends have their flats in PS area (one in GK's Roseland Residency) and they all agree about GK's reputation.
  • One of my friend visited Alcove this Sat'day and they were agree for 2450 in group.
  • I am agree with VBrege. There is good feedback abt GK from my friends in PS. I have not visited Alcove recently. WHen I visited he has opened plan for innermost building only and I was not interested in last building from road. They may be opening buildings one by one for booking and so forcing to select from remaining flats and one has to compromise on location , floor no & view.
  • That's true my frnds, when i went last week they told me that there are very few availability left with them. and the options given to me were either 11th floor or on the back side of the building where there is no view of amenities. I guess they are playing game with the customers and wants to first clear there non-prime flats.

    And boss about Rajaveer I don't understand one thing that how people are liking that project. Flats may be good form insiade but have you guys thought of its layout. It looks like a Railway boggies kept one after the another. And amenities are very less. Think of the people who will live at the end of the project. There are all small low rise bunglows in and around that project and the people are also not so good. I personally don't like it and never been to that project.
  • I am totally agree with comment of 'Railway boggies' In PS I found most of the projects (Rajweer , rose valley , sun crest , alcove , mirchandani palms , alcove , rose county , laxmi angan) are like that. And builders offer rooms in last bogie far away from enterance.
  • Guys although the Bogie concept seems true for GK complexes; Alcove as I understand is coming up in phases. These guys are builing phase 2 first (which is farther from main road) as it would ensure ease of approach & cause lesser concern to their customers. Also one key aspect is that the enterance for alcove is not from the main road but woulde be through a road which would run adjacent to the complex..there is a proposed road which will cut across the main road & connect towards the pimpri bridge side aligning Rajveer palace. And hence the concern of being far from road would not arise..otherway round it would ensure peace within the complex...
    If you ask me..of all cmplexes around Alcove certainly seems to be a better bet...
  • Guys, any idea about the rates Alcove is quoting. Because I am not getting the rates ate which they are releasing flats. Has any one in your knowledge have booked flat in Alcove? Or what could be the best price for it considering 1 year delay in possession ?
  • I had visited this weekend to Alcove. The rate offered was 2550 per sq.ft.
    But there are very flats available...choice is very limited. Flats available are on the back side of the building where there is no view of amenities. One more thing, all the amenities will be fully functional a year after possession.
  • Planning to BOOK over this weekend in ALCOVE


    I am planning to book a flat in ALCOVE, over this weekend Please let me know if anyone is interested in this project so that we can go for a group booking. We can chat over and decide on when to go. For other members it will be great help if you guys can let me know the current price they are quoting now.

  • Guys,

    Really negotiated hard with ALCOVE people and got a rate of 2450 psf. Below is my experience with this builder -

    Good points -

    1) Location of the project.
    2) Landscaping shown is great.
    3) Very good layout of the flats (was interested in 2.5 BHK)
    4) Within a normal middleclass man's budget.

    Bad Points -

    1) Unprofessional behaviour of salesmen. I can name those in this forum but I don't want to.
    2) They negotiate with the customers with two options.....purchase the flat "WITH" the internal amenities like kitchen trolleys/wooden flooring/inverter etc or "WITHOUT" these amenities.
    3) Rates for "prime" flats (garden facing) are higher.
    4) They purposely show 1st and last floor options available at this point of time. May be it's there strategy. These flats are not as per "vastushastra" :-)
    5) All the internal amenities shown in the show flat are not provided in actual flat. There is no clear understanding of what is being given actually in a flat. Customers really need to "ask" for this ?
    6) No "sample" flat is ready yet (project launched almost 1 year back) to check point # 5 above.
    7) Did a builder review by visiting his latest project in Kalyani Nagar
    8) Existing project society chairman simply said that the construction quality and the workmanship is poor and not to invest in this builder's project. The residents in kalyaninagar project are "STILL" facing problems with the builder over society issues.
    9) Possession by June 2010 as committed is not possible to my mind.It will spill over to SEP/OCT 2010.

    Finally, decided NOT to go with this builder and trying better projects.

    So, people.....before investing your hard earned money, pls pay attention to these points mentioned above. Happy house hunting !!! Thanks -
  • Confused abt this Builder ?


    I have heard good things about this builder and he seems to be a reputed one in Pune. I have not enquired anything personally but came to know from others. I met few people on ALCOVE site who have bought flats there and were telling me that he is a good builder and he keeps his words.

    I don't know whether you all know about this builder or not but this is the only builder who has given compensation to people who have bought flats from him in high time for 2900-3000 psf. Builder has given them one parking free or some furnitures worth 1 lakh. I have confirmed this by asking one of his customer whom I met at his site office.

    Does anyone in the forum, knows anything about this builder reputation and construction work?

    Guys, I am really confused about this builder, and should I go or not?

    - Manish.