Yesterday some of my friends went to Pimple Saudagar area to see new flats.They wanted to know about the new reduced prices which the buiders are claiming .

They were so much surprised with what they saw ! Prices have not actually reduced . What builders have done is they have increased the Saleable area by including staircase area etc and showed that per sq foot rate is reduced.

Total cost of the flat actually remain the same.They have increased maintainence charge and other charges like development etc . People are trapped easily as they see reduced per sq. foot charges and not the total cost. Look at what is the carpet area and is that what you need .

These builders are making homes smaller and smaller and so trying to fool us by showing that they have reduced the prices.
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  • Going by that logic now that they have slightly increased rates, this would mean that now we are fooled even more. As they manupulated the Salable Areas and Maintenance before and now they increase the psf rate as well.

  • Effective PERSQFT Rate..

    For such tricks of builders, I think effective persqft rate is a measure. Total cost should be divided by carpet area to know which project is more affordable than other.