Any reviews on Daffodils? They are qouting 2600 for almost ready posession 2BHKs and may be a little bit negotiable. Any idea about construction quality?

i saw some slums around the building. Is that a factor?

please let me know if anyone has first hand experience. Thanks.
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  • Well, I went there too, but they said all the flats have been sold except -"Seventh floors of all the buildings" !! I left the idea of buying the flat there because I wanted my flat on 3rd or 4th floor.

    Can you please let me know, what did they tell you regarding the availability?

  • not really the same.

    they told me availability on 1st 4th and 7th. The areas of 2BHK vary between 985 - 1085 sq ft.
  • Hi,

    Any thing that side of the bypass road i.e kharadi?
  • Guys, This builder is playing the same old trick. He is trying to sell the difficult ones first by hiding the most obvious choices of buyers.
    Also the rate offered for that area is too high in the current market condition. Better wait and sit on your cash. Rates should fall further.
    Ask for Rs. 1800/- per sq. ft. I bet, you will get a deal nearby that rate if you are not desperate.