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I wanted some information I am trying to calculate salable area for a shop having 50 % loft area and an attached toilet unit. Can you help me !!

Thank You
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  • This is very open question, just like how to calculate salable/carpet area of an apartment. Having said that there are multiple parameters to it and most importantly it depends on the builder/contractor selling it (this really varies between builders, area, city....)

    However i will try and answer this, again it really depends but in general:

    1. At ground floor or basement (having road frontage or internal)
    saleable area = carpet area of the shop + 25% for lofts provided in shop (either 33% or 50% of shop area at 7'.00" level)
    saleable area = 50% of loft carpet area (to be added in shops area) for mazanine as approved by corporation with consuming FSI, shall be calculated as 100% in saleable area.

    2. Commercial office units at upper floor. saleable area = carpet area + 30% for terrace to office units, same criteria of residential unit is adopted.

    More importantly a lot depends on FSI & loading factor!

    Hope this helps!!!