Hi Guys,
Anybody has any idea about Pimple Nilakha, it's gorwth aspects, current projects and property rates there?

Hope to get few good responses from u guys!
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  • There is one project called Watersedge in Pimple Nilakh which qas quoting 3900-4200 about a year back. I wonder how much they are quoting now.
  • Their 2 BHK was still over 60 L some 2 months ago..
  • I visited water edge last week, smallest 3 BHK (1920 sqft ) of their scheme is quoted at INR 7,500,000.
    It is definitely not worth it.
  • Thanks guys for reply, but there are two project I'm looking are:
    Goel Ganga's - Ganga Panama and
    Sulochana City

    Any idea about these two?
  • I have heard lot of complaints about Goel Ganga projects. Please be informed before investing with them
  • Inmy opinion if you are looking for pimple nilak visit projects during heavy rain. If you can reach there then only book it (You might get discount in rainy season). Area is low lying and Mula river cause flood like situation in nearby areas.
  • Pimple nilakh area have one more issue...Musqitos...its really the serious issue since there is no meaning in having the good balcony if u have musqutos around...:)