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I hear that the Blue Ridge Phase II is not doing well. Anyone having any updates on this scheme? What is the possession date for phase II? Heard a lot of cancellations have been happening there any idea please update.

Thanks in advance.
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  • Originally Posted by br2503
    Also, can anyone compare the agreement draft of T20-T23 with the earlier towers T1-T15 specially related to the thorny issues mentioned above. This might help us while taking the issues up with the builder.

    People in earlier towers

    Your inputs will help
  • October photos are posted on the site. Looks like progress is being made.
  • I live outside India, so won't be able to make up with any one on one meetings..but I have full support to you guys and won't step ahead without the group outcome, Thanks!
  • Same here, I too m outside India.
  • Originally Posted by amit3011
    What are CREDAI norms? Is there any standard booklet of CREDAI norms available and approved by government authorities? Where does CREDAI stand in our system to define such norms? Is CREDAI norm above the MOFA act?

    CREDAI has norms which are not as per MOFA & hence can be challenged in court, but builders take advantage of the fact that most buyers don't know the difference between MOFA agreement format & CREDAI. Anyways, CREDAI is not above the law & you can challenge the agreement not only in court but even with CCI, the way DLF buyers did.
  • The average Indian " I Feel " is more comfortable trying to fix things by hanging salt at his window, or realigning his layout to get the vaastu right. rather than taking someone to court or knowing his rights !! ( that includes me as well .... maybe not for the salt part :)

    A quick visit to the temple/church/mosque and praying for early possession is a much easier way to deal with things than going to the courtroom, which through movies, media, and probably in many cases personal experiences is portrayed as probably the next place to avoid after hell.

    acres - Disclaimer - Nothing against Vaastu or any belief.. After all its the belief which makes things happen.
  • Originally Posted by br2503
    I unfortunately cannot make it this Saturday, but fully extend my support for this initiative. I have booked in T23 and would surely be present in further meetings/discussions. Please let me know if there is an established means to communicate within this sub-group. It would be nice if we could meet before Saturday and consolidate our thoughts/points (I think the major points have already been discussed here).
    Also, can anyone compare the agreement draft of T20-T23 with the earlier towers T1-T15 specially related to the thorny issues mentioned above. This might help us while taking the issues up with the builder.
    We can stick with the yahoo group of T20-T23.
    Yahoo! Groups
  • Originally Posted by brres13
    Bigbloodyt - t-23
    humble_guy - t-23
    Baruch - t-23
    brshanghai - t-23
    Manchan - t-23
    Br2503 - t-23
    neeone - t-22
    srk2477 - t22
    Vsammy - t-22
    Arprys T-22
    Atulopt - t-21
    NG2012 - T-21
    Rasrivas18 T-21
    Gharghya T-21
    brres13 - t-20
    vivikul - t-20
    May I request all of you to join the yahoo group. We already have 7 people in the group. Yahoo! Groups
  • hey brshanghai - its a restricted grp.. unable to join
  • Originally Posted by neeone
    hey brshanghai - its a restricted grp.. unable to join

    Same here
  • For those who cannot make it on Saturday, please consider sending a PM or mail to someone who will be going, with the details of which flat booked.. along with a mail probably stating that we will not be proceeding with the registration until the issues are sorted out.

    That will show the strength of the number of people who are objecting to this issue.
  • Request all T20-23 buyers to join on this Saturday in BR in as much numbers as possible. Please remember, outcome of this meeting with BR management will be very important in getting our concerns related to draft agreement addressed and future course of action.
  • Originally Posted by Vsammy
    Same here
    just put a request, I will add you. it is intentionally kept restricted.
  • So far only Bigbloodyt & I have confirmed to reach @10 am at BR
    Key Issues ( for which we should insist on gettting a reply on writing)

    1. Why are they taking entire service tax together ? Is it legally permissible

    2. Why are they demanding second last payment after completion of 25th slab ? Why shoudnt it be after 30th ? Are banks ok for this kind of payment schedule ? As good banks like HDFC have objected to certain aggresive CLP plans in NCR

    3. Why cant they clearly tell how many shops will come in these towers as by now they must have decided on at least how many floors for shops etc ( why shoudnt this be disclosed right nor...are they awaiting for people to sign up registration)

    4. What is this nonsense of saying 2017 but giving comfort letter for 2016...I fail to understand what kind of comfort it provides to me

    5. Types of shops allowed in these towers...if its general stores etc like in many residential societies or purely commercial lets say pub or restaurant

    Those who are living abroad should send a mail and press for written replies on some of these key points

    If you guys will act lazy nothing will happen... tomorrow they might go to next level using their dominant position
  • Guys, sorry for not being in the loop since long time. Unfortunately I am not in India hence may not be able to contribute directly. In fact I was in Pune for registration on 14th Oct... I am in T-21.
    But my full support for the initiative coz all the points raised were and still are concern for me too. Hence please count me on in your yahoo group too. Incidentally the rate for the top floors (25-30 ) is 6000 I am told.