If you are aware of any thread on this project please point it to me, if there wasn't any discussion then ....

Any suggestion on this project, builder (This is project by Tejas Group). Are they reputed? any known issues with this builders?
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  • I saw the flats on 2nd floor in building D and E , but rejected because of these reasons.
    1) The Living rooms are not rectangular but trapezium shaped. This is because of the shape he has given to building.
    2) The kitchen is very small.
    3) In kitchen , I saw the loft above was not symmetric as it was not rectangular (base was not at all parallel to the roof).
    4) The most pathetic was when I saw that for concealed fittings, in place of the Galvanized Pipes, he is providing PVC pipes for water. Also, the fitting nuts are of PVC material.
    5) The construction is not neat.

    Positive points
    1) Gallery is awesome.
    2) Both sides of building are good, one is having garden view and other on road side.
    3) The rate he is quoting is 2500/-

    I hope this will help in making the decision. :)