While I am current searching for a house, I notice that all projects that have common amenities like children play area or swimming pool have a very high per sq.feet price. I have never lived in an apartment complex that has had common amenities. So just wanted to know how much is the actual benefit or usage. Does it really make sense to pay a premium for amenities considering a long term perspective.
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  • Much better to have flat with only garden in society. No one uses pool or gym or club house generally. Waste of money and so much profit for builders. The only problem is ideally projects with no frills should have less loading but thats not the case. Saw some random project in Pashan with only garden no aminities and 30% loading
  • Can you please explain what is "loading"? How to check that? Will builder tell us how much he is going to charge extra in basic sqft rate for amenities?
  • Lets imagine a project with 10 flats. Each flat has a carpet area of 1000 sqft. The total amenities area including walking area, park, pool, clubhouse etc is 3000 sqft. So built up area for each flat is 3000/10 =300 sqft. So you will pay builder for 1000+300 sqft=1300 sqft....

    This means 30% loading.. .

    So for projects with less aminities loading should be low because extra area is less but some builders just say 30% loading and dont even utilized the extra area.