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Siddhashila Eira in Punawale, Pune


Siddhashila Eira in Punawale, Pune

Last updated: June 29 2016
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  • Siddhashila Eira in Punawale, Pune

    Hello Property experts,
    I am looking for some info on the newly launched (or to be launched) project Siddhashila Eira at Punavale. any help would be highly appreciated.

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    Re : Siddhashila Eira in Punawale, Pune

    I too would like to know pros and cons of this project and most importantly the location as to how much time will it take to get Punawale developed as the Project looked good to me and below 50 mark.

    Experts help would be appreciated as i am looking property for personal use.


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      Re : Siddhashila Eira in Punawale, Pune

      1) You will not face Hinjewadi trafic problem, In future direct link will be there from phase 2 to Punawale. Once there will be direct link between Hinjewadi and Punawale then distance would be 2-3 km only.
      2) Area comes under PCMC so no water problem, area will develop soon. you guys know how development happened in PCMC.
      3) Good connectivity to Mumbai. Pimpri-Chinchwad MIDC area near to Punawale.
      4) School and Colleges are on walking distance.

      1) Still it look like remote area, no auto, poor public transport.
      2) No big market near, small grocery shop coming. I heard DGDL going to develop mall plus residential area in Punawale.


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        Re : Siddhashila Eira in Punawale, Pune

        Thanks PunePrompt for the reply.
        Yes , The Disadvantages you mentioned are making me think twice,although we have DSK Kunjaban in that area.

        Atleast, now it feels it would take 3-5 years to develop. Not able to lock it completely mad:

        Also,I am considering Ravet area which will develop faster than Punawale as it looks currently. So, confused which side to go off the highway


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          Re : Siddhashila Eira in Punawale, Pune

          Thanks Sagar and PP for taking this forward.
          @Sagar: did you ask the builder for the prices as it seems they want to keep it as a secret and would reveal only if you are sitting with a cheque book
          Apart from DSK have seen large property acquired by Pharande builders and the 'suspicious' Venkatesh Imeria in this area.

          Also if anybody could suggest some good projects around Ravet.



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            Re : Siddhashila Eira in Punawale, Pune

            I guess right now they are dealing by 3800 but they do not have detailed cost sheet as of now which they will produce once project gets launched


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              Re : Siddhashila Eira in Punawale, Pune

              any idea on the reputation of the builder. the marketing guy told that IRIS Bavdhan and Rainbow Plaza at PS are few of their previous projects. Also what should be the feasible rate in this area considering possession to be given after 2 1/2 years from now.


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                Re : Siddhashila Eira in Punawale, Pune

                I too had recently visited the Siddhashila project. The rate they are quoting is 3800/- psf and we are planning to buy 3 bhk but the areas for 3bhk are above 1500 so the total price is going much higher. But the main concern is the builders reputation.

                Please update if anyone has any update on the builders reputation. Also they are saying that their rates will be revised soon.


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                  Re : Siddhashila Eira in Punawale, Pune

                  Hi Vandita,
                  Even I am looking to book a flat over here. Please share any more info on this project/builder if you come across it.
                  Also I think it would be good if we find some people looking to book the flat and then appraoch the builder in a group which might help us negotiate with the builder.

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                    Re : Siddhashila Eira in Punawale, Pune

                    Alert to all friends who earn money hardly out of blood, sweat & tears!

                    Nowadays there is a very typical cheating trend in Pune Builders (new as well as renowned)...

                    I am posting this with responsibilty & with the personal experience & knowledge I had in recent months with 4-5 builders across Pune (including online booking through agents and direct deals with builders too) after booking the flats.

                    The steps to cheat humble nest-hunters is very typical:
                    1) Lure people with very attractive pre-launch offer which seems Rs.500/- to Rs.1000/- less than the psf rate in the vicinity.
                    2) This is done direct by builder or through online agencies with nominal booking amount (without issuing any document such as layout & floor plans, approvals, etc.).
                    3) Within 2-3 weeks they ask for 20% amount of project cost; again no documents are issue to the person who books property.
                    4) Now the booking game begins; the builder/agencies keep delaying the documents which are required for housing loan and keep forcing with to keep paying amount as per completion of project.
                    Here one will note that, the people who booked in pre-launch offer with psf under-rate with big difference are harassed for documents and others who book in regular rates get all the documents required for housing loan.
                    5) Finally the people who pays more than 25% (tentative 8-10 lacs) opting pre-launch offer are forced to cancel the bookings or they are forcefully refunded with huge deduction of amount against processing, etc.

                    Bottom line is: These builders-agencies nexus used huge amount collected from unfair means to initiate-build their project without having to pay any interest on it and without giving any discount/offer but sold same booked flats to other investor who were ready to give current exaggerate market rated (which are now decided & fixed by agents & online angencies)

                    So dear friends, this is alert for your as to take precautionary measure while booking any propoerties in pre-launch offer - They are deceive by builder-agent nexus and illegally supported by some govt officials too. Take all the papers including search report while booking the property.

                    Thanks - ShyamPN


                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?