I am planning to buy a flat and have looked at projects like Constella in Kharadi and Kumar Picasso in Hadapsar. I am very confused about the future prospects of the areas. Can anyone please help me here?
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  • Can you please share these data for ganga constella?
    --current rate
    --area details
  • Hadapsar has better civic amenities such as public transport, water and roads than Kharadi as of today. But its too crowded and the only area of Hadpasar that I can recommend is on the Magarpatta road.
    Whether Kharadi will come up better in the near future is any body's guess. Right now there are no proper approach roads to Ganga Constella, which is right next to EON IT park, howeverI have seen an wide road being built right in front of Ganga Constella connecting to the Kharadi bypass road. Water must surely be an issue there, though I had seen people in the swimming pool when I last visited the project :D. The project is almost sold out and a very few flats are available with the builder. But if you are serious a search on Magicbricks will bring up atleast a 100 investor flats for sale. There is an over supply of flats at Kharadi and all this was due to investor speculation and the super hyped EON IT park. But then if all things go well as planned Kharadi may well be the place to stay in East Pune in the near future.
  • Well the rate in both of these regions is around 2500 per sq ft. possession is immediate whereas for kumar picasso it is in october...
  • Originally Posted by jaanvi
    Well the rate in both of these regions is around 2500 per sq ft. possession is immediate whereas for kumar picasso it is in october...

    Kharadi seems to have better future commercial/IT prospects.

    For a big middle class family, hadapsar (nearr solarput highway) seems OK considering hospitals, market and bus-depo near by.
    I think hadapsar shud hv RE rates 10 to 20 % lower than kharadi. Strangely, it is other way round.

    Check kharadi thread (resale flat available for 2100 psftGanga Constella.
  • Rates seems to be slightly higher.

    Confirm only top floor flats r available ready possession?
  • term view

    In the longer run kharadi has to score due to open spaces available for development.

    However nobody should think in investment perspective here, for short or even medium term.
  • Yes scrutinizer's view is right. If you are thinking about long term investment then only it will give you better return. Because in near future there will be Gera's Commertial as well Panchaseel Plazza Center will come up.
  • Even behind EION IT Park there is Top most scheme is going on Zyper of Marvel Builder. Its very good scheme which will change the look of Kharadi totally. But its rate is quite high 4700/- psft. As well as Gera will start Gera's IQ center(in sez) in future. So long term investment in kharadi is quite good as per my understanding.
  • Well ya kharadi does seem to have a better long term future but gadital side of hadapsar is also coming up with many residential projects and it may grow up well because that area is also pretty open...
  • Hi,

    I too think kharadi is best option in today's scenario.
    And ganga Constellla has become hot cake as its nect to EON part.
    So don't think so much go far Ganga Constella, But things will change in next 5 years only.
    If ur thinking for current usage..Iwould suggest Hadapsar
  • To my knowledge, Kumar Picasso falls outside of PMC. Kharadi for self use as of now is again hopeless.

    If for self use, immediate purpose, buy at Hadapsar than Kharadi where area falls in PMC.

    Btw why not try resales at MP City? It's a proposal better by tons when compared to these two.
  • kharadi vs hadapsar debate is going on since last one-two year(s) now and every1 have their own perspective.

    kharadi has open space without water and road while hadapsar has its own set of problems.

    both areas have equal potential for development and difference between the two areas should be marginal; it's upto the buyer to scrutinize the projects in both areas and select one of them.

    given the revival of economy and real estate segment; prices wil definitely increase across all areas.
  • Hi All,

    I am planning to buy a ready to move flat in Khardi/Hadapsar. At present I dont have much options available in Kharadi. I see there are some options in Amanora, Vascon ela at Hadapsar.

    I am not Pune localite, so I dont know much about these areas. Could anyone please throw some light about these two areas. Which one has more growth prospects in future.

    Thanks in advance
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  • nobody knows about growth potential. Buy what you see on ground. You can look at magarpatta or Kharadi..
  • Hi Krishna, did you buy something? Can you share your experience about the hunt in both the areas and how you could conclude?