Hi All,

I have 2 queries on home loan, please see below.

1. I have Rs 2 lakh in mutual fund and wanted to use this amount to reduce the home loan amount by the said amount, so is it advisible to break the fund?

2. SBI has already reduced the home loan from 10.50% to 10% to existing customers also but HDFC still did not reduce the same.
Should i shift to SBI bank as processing fee is half.

The loan amount is Rs 22 lakh (from HDFC) and i have already paid Rs 18 lakh to builder and my EMI is near to Rs 17K per Month.
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    Many MF schemes are doing well.So if your scheme is doing well and you wish to exit now it may be a good idea.Which is the scheme?Many people including me have exited MF schemes taking advantage of highs in NAV currently.
    How much will your emi reduce by prepaying 2 lakhs is also to be seen.?Many people are shifting home loans to SBI and it may be worthwhile for you also.Go to any website which works out EMI,total payments and compare.