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Who is Ravi Karan deekar?


Who is Ravi Karan deekar?

Last updated: December 1 2016
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    Re : Who is Ravi Karan deekar?

    Originally posted by realacres View Post
    Censoring is very much there. Atleast 50% of my posts never get published & the language is the same you will find here. It is only that I keep posting the dark side of the projects.

    Of course, nothing personal against him, but blogs have to be neutral. Just because one has worked for Goel Ganga or Pride Purple doesn't mean that he doesn't post bad things about the projects.

    I can post a very big comment about the woes at Goel Ganga Akashganga where I suppose he worked & pride purple group is already discussed a lot here.

    Btw, I think it is now enough to post about a person. Lets move on & discuss real facts about RE.
    I hardly reject any comment! I publish comments which even criticize me!


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      Re : Who is Ravi Karan deekar?

      Thanks for the kind words!


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        Re : Who is Ravi Karan deekar?

        Originally posted by tsongt View Post
        Guys, i feel we are criticising someone with no real reason. I do not know much about Ravi, except that I have read his blogs and have called him once.

        Whoever blogs anywhere in the web expresses thoughts with his/her own style, has his/her own opinions, whats wrong with that? Would anyone buy a home if someone in this forum asks to do so, or would someone "stop buying" if we provide opinions on a project with no real fact? Its the same with Ravi's blog as well.

        Blogs are not raw facts or data, they are expressions of people as they see it or perceive it. Filter out the information in any blog to your own use.

        Let me post what I have read as blog ethics if you own a blog. I think Ravi mostly follows these rules in his blog.

        Promote Interactivity
        ● Post to your blog on a regular basis
        ● Visit and post on other blogs
        ● Respect blog etiquette
        ● Attempt to be entertaining, interesting, and/or relevant
        Promote Free Expression
        ● Do not restrict access to your blog by specific individuals or groups
        ● Do not self censor by removing posts or comments once they are published
        ● Allow and encourage comments on your blog
        Strive for Factual Truth
        ● Never intentionally deceive others
        ● Be accountable for what you post
        Be as Transparent as Possible
        ● Reveal you identity as much as possible (name, photo, background info, etc.)
        ● Reveal your personal affiliations and conflicts on interest
        ● Cite and link to all sources referenced in each post
        Promote the Human Element in Blogging
        ● Minimize harm to others when posting information
        ● Promote community by linking to other blogs and keeping a blogroll
        ● Build relationships by responding to e-mails and comments regularly
        Yes, i am learning and doing my best to put it into practice. Thanks! I appreciate it.


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          Re : Who is Ravi Karan deekar?

          Originally posted by ash7979 View Post
          Bingo, I too find his blog advertising ONLY builders projects, he Mostly will tell you the plus points of the projects, he hardly tell you any negative points, like availability of the Water, Road & other basic Amenities...I think if he is buyer friendly then he should be telling these things & Apart from this any leagl issue , if any with the project...that I think we wont tell (coz we buyer are not gonna pay him his CUT) beware this guy....
          It's news. Not advertising. Yes, not talking "negative" about a project is an issue with my blog.

          I am confused about talking negative. As a real estate salesman, i feel i offend those who have booked in that project. So, i focus on positive side.

          Plus, i see people book in all types of projects! I haven't found a single project constructed and remained vacant because nobody purchased it.

          When i was in real estate advertising, i used to advertise for adjoining projects. Finding positive side about each project has become my habit. It was like advertising different brands of bath soaps. Each one is an unique brand but the end use is the same.

          However, after becoming a real estate salesman, i learned that property is not a product. Real Estate is a service. Builder is a service provider. You don't purchase anything. You pay in advance to construct a home for your family. Since, you finance the construction you are part of the team, as much as the builder.

          I am learning to write about the concept and the service - execution of the concept. I am sure, i will do it well.


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            Re : Who is Ravi Karan deekar?

            ^^ ravi.. u needn't justify yourself man... your actions (blogs) speak louder than anything else....
            Eat, Pray and Love


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              Re : Who is Ravi Karan deekar?


              Hi Guys,

              Enough discussion away from the REAL issue.

              As brought out by Ravi himself, he is a Sales person. Its a basic job to do

              sales. So high lighting positive aspects is not wrong on his part. No need

              for speculating 'cut' etc etc...

              Moderation of his own blog comment is his previlage, which every

              one does, and he does it. He is honest abt his position & history and does

              answer some questions.

              If only he does pass on the right message to his bldr friends.

              Concentrate on clearing flats at lower rates that is increase sales rather

              Than WAIT to get super profits. Its leading to stagnation Man.


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                Re : Who is Ravi Karan deekar?

                Hi all,
                it hd gone through this thread, some of them r appreciating while some are neglicting Mr. Ravi's work. personally i had been a frequent reader of his blogs. i dont go by his word and noone should do it blindly. but we can get a betted advice from him for a particulat project and builder. we r all grown up and understand the technicalities involved in RE deal.

                i admire Ravi's work and for which he has been on hot seat in this forum....just look at the number of posts. one shld take into consideration about his contribution in RE Sales.



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                  Re : Who is Ravi Karan deekar?

                  Originally posted by GautamSikandar
                  I have being reading this post.
                  It is clear that Ravi only writes good things about the Builder. Blogs press releases WHICH is only published to him :-)

                  He never writes & alters his blogs, once he knows that the builder has cheated the masses.


                  He only gives advice if people call him.
                  Please, have a look at the latest post on this project. I request you to send me authentic info to blog.


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                    Re : Who is Ravi Karan deekar?

                    Ravi Karandikar - Builder's Spokesperson.

                    Hi Guys,
                    If you really ask who is Ravi Karandikar? I have talked to this person, communicated lot of times on his blog.

                    Few things I observed are -
                    1. Ravi will not give you firm decision. He will talk very diplomatically.
                    2. He will keep talking until 8 minutes and then ask for money. His business policy also stated on his blog.
                    3. He doesn't dare to write facts for Magarpatta, Nanded City as he is obviously scared of big builder who is involved into this.
                    4. For small builders, he writes a lot about issues and all.

                    In summary, he doesn't give true picture but his blog is timepass and good to know what are the new projects, etc. Do not fall for his comments, opinion.



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                      Re : Who is Ravi Karan deekar?

                      Can you elaborate on the ask for money bit.. i talked only once.. but he did not ask for money to give advice..


                      Have any questions or thoughts about this?