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Land Acquisition bill


Land Acquisition bill

Last updated: December 14 2012
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  • Land Acquisition bill

    Property prices likely to rise as Land Bill gets Cabinet nod -
    This bill will result in increasing price for land and thereby impact the prices of housing.
    Land has become scarce in the country with rising demand due to speedy unchecked increase in population. Rising expectation of farmers,land owners regarding sale price,restriction on sale of tribal and agricultural land.
    What does the future hold for low income group housing?
    On one hand regulatory bill for RE has been hanging fire and the Land acquisition bill will become law soon,if things go as per schedule.
    Our RE sector needs to be given a transparent outlook with records computerised and sanction process less cumbersome.
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    Re : Land Acquisition bill

    This bill was needed .
    Otherwise there was open rebellion against the oppressive acquisition of govt.
    In NCR; people fought against police with bullets to oppose acquisition.

    It will enhance the bargaining power of farmers w.r.t land aggregators/grabbers.

    Customers are already paying sky high prices and demand is low at the present prices; It would be the fat margins of the intermediaries that would get squeezed.

    two possible impacts could be -:
    i) Very few plotted developments in future.
    ii) few large townships; most of the projects will have smaller area.[/QUOTE]


    Have any questions or thoughts about this?