Hi All,
I have already searched the forum for the Eve's Garden Project by Sancheti Builders and i haven't seen any relevant review on it
Few questions from my end
I have booked a flat with the rate of 3600 /sq ft with all expenses including stamp duty+registration+VAT+ STax it is coming up around 46 lakhs for 1042 Sq ft (Flat Carpet 692 + Terrace Carpet 108.82 = 801.62 ) is the saleable and carpet area correct ?? :(
Is the ready reconer for this area avallable
Occupancy Dec 2014
Is this a worthwhile investment for this area and what is the expected appreciation on possession??
There is a road sanctioned here and i believe that there is bungalow coming in of a renowned individual in pune. Is that true ??
Is Sancheti a renowned builder ??
Is there any builder in pune who gives terrace and top terrace at 50% and 33% respectively
Locality wise how is the development of the area planned??
Is there any other place in pune where i can buy a new flat with the area mentioned which will be a good investment( Open to any places close to the vicinity of 15 kms from Pune station)
Should i be asking any more questions to the builder ??
i have confusing comments that there is water and some places there is no water.. any idea
Please advise ASAP as i can cancel the booking till the 22nd Jan 2013 and need to lock in an investment ASAP
also attaching the floor plan if that helps ?? Flat 305 and 505 is the only available :(
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  • Looking for your inputs

    Hi .. I am looking fwd to book a 1bhk in this project. Quoted price is 4500 sqft (package 36L). I have not done any negotiation so far. Anyone booked in this project recently? What is the price you got? It would help me in negotiation.

    Would you guys recommend this project and why?

    Thanks for your help!!
  • Hi sandeepb210;
    The project was promising hence a lot of ppl have invested in there. There are off course problems, as u can read through the threads. Please be cautious and ask them about the possession dates and the action if there are delays in the project. Other than that the whole project seems to be a good investment. However, please form you opinion only after reading through all the problems make a calculated decision. There is no dearth of properties in Pune
  • Thank you KJADHAV; sir. I have put the decision on hold as builder was saying possession in dec this year. So I will rather wait and book once it is complete. They have lots of availability and rates are not going to move any time soon (my guess).

    I think thus I can also save VAT which is not applicable on RTM property.
  • But he is saying only 2-3 flats are left. How could you book after when it will be complete. Or builder is giving some other information about the availability of the flats?
  • No worries sandeepb210; All the best on your search.
  • sandeepb210;, have you booked in Eves Garden, I went to site today...they are saying possession on 1 Feb 2016 lot of availability for 1 BHK...he is quoting 4500 per sqft...
  • how much is the complete package ???
  • Originally Posted by VijayJyoti
    sandeepb210;, have you booked in Eves Garden, I went to site today...they are saying possession on 1 Feb 2016 lot of availability for 1 BHK...he is quoting 4500 per sqft...

    4500/- looks ok. How much is total for 1BHK? Any scope of negotiation?
  • I think 1bhk possession is over.
  • Lat time sale's man was asking 4700 with 35% loading.Rent for 1BHK is going around 9500-10000 these days, so 4500 with 30% looks ok.

    How did you find the information for EC can you please guide me the process. I would like to check for one of the other project at punawale.

  • I personally use google search and it works almost always.
    For instance I will search for the following for Eves garden:
    Environment clearance Eves garden

    Environment clearance Sancheti
  • is there any flat still available or all sold out. I am looking for ready possession 2 BHK and this project looks good.
  • Hi Buyer01;, yes this project has got ready possession flats... Btw, hw much is the builder quoting for 2 BHK flat and what is the area of the flat ???
  • I visited this project around a month back and they said 2 BHK are not available :-(