This new year, I vowed to fulfill the ultimate dream of owning a flat. Though May/June/July/Aug is the time I am planning to take the plunge hence thought this is the right time to get educated and try not to be taken for a full ride(I guess whatever smart I try to become, I will still end up shelling up some if not more :o). I started with basics

- Home loan (Axis seems to be interesting(0 prepayment, fixed rate, 12 months waved off), SBI SBI Maxgain irresistible, HDFC for quick disbursal). Any advice?

- What is the down payment? 10% Or 15%? - There are different views that I got. Few says that if you do not have the full down payment then it can be arranged through the bank as well by increasing the amount of loan. - EMI is not an issue with me but down payment is. I cannot wait for 2 more years to save the money and then be ready for down payment though relying on PF for most and a meager 1Lac saving :o

- What is the amount I have to shell out apart from 10% or 15% of down payment?

- Any ready to move in 2 BHK project available during the months of May/June/July/Aug in Wagholi so that I do not have to pay Home Loan EMI as well as the rent together (trying to save every paisa)

I work in Magarpatta and thought Wagholi would be the best option for me since its nearby and a good road connectivity.

I was checking HDFC red site and saw many properties listed there however not sure if the price is correct there since some of them were posted an year back. Seems like those were the inaugural prices.

By the way Thanks to this forum since I learned lot about the amenities scam and had a good laugh on so called amenities (swimming pool/pond, carom/cards rooms, sauna, Jacuzzi, common tv room, etc) and also about the English named societies where Camellia turned into Chameli, Finesse into Venus Or Finish, Clarion Park into Clearing Park, and Apostrophe into Upper stop :D

I wish my quest which will go for 4-6 months may get me a good home (my own) with the support from you all. Thanks in advance :)
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