All those who are reading this forum, by this time, are aware of the gimmicks played by the builders. Buyers, too, are responsible for falling for these. I am listing a few of them; you can add more to it.

1. Name of the building – you must have seen very fancy tongue-twisting names given to their projects by the builders. Buyer sees a lot of value in a project that is difficult to pronounce. He becomes happy at the thought of his friends and relatives not being able to pronounce his building name right the first time. Any foreign-sounding name sells. Take these – Capriccio, Aristo, Lorelle, Apostrophe, Finesse, Aldea Espanola(say that again!). Buyers prefer Tropez and Biarittz over Gulmohar, Shakuntala, Datta Nivas or Matru Kripa towers. Only exception is DSK who names his building very much desi.

2. Some fancy style of living – Ok, so you will have some builders telling you Swiss way of living near Kaspate Vasti. Or Spanish way of living near Mhasoba Gate. Or Swedish way of living near Kalewadi Phata. Portuguese way of living near Sutarwadi. Nobody tries to sell Indian way of living. You are not living your life fully if it is Indian. Come on, you dimwit, stop living Indian, try Lebanese style.

3. Giving some fancy names to their amenities. You will notice that they always say “Landscaped Garden”. If they say “Garden” nobody will be impressed. It has to be “Landscaped garden”. Nobody knows the difference between these but it makes you feel proud and superior when you tell some of your friends and relatives from your village that you live in a society that has Landscaped Garden, Luxurious Clubhouse, State Of The Art or Ultra Modern(whatever that means) Gym, Custom Designed(huh?) Elevators, Porte Cochere (what in the hell’s bathroom is that? Oh, That’s just the open space near the gate for offloading passengers.) – all for you if you pay me silly rate of 4300 per sq ft in Undri.

4. Some eco-friendly mumbo-jumbo. Zero pollution flats, Eco-friendly parking garage, virtual oxygen parlor, relaxation area for senior citizens (so, youngistan cannot relax their, ya?), acupressure walk (of 10 ft only!), Barbecue Area (hahaha, you need no more than 4 sq ft to keep your barbecue tri.pod) etc etc

My point is this. When looking for a flat, look for the carpet area, surroundings and security. You will never use that barbecue area and acupressure walk EVER in your life. Neither will you start appearing as successful as Federer when you start living Swiss way of life near Kaspate Vasti.
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