Hi All,
I happen to visit Ravet area for property search.
There are two major projects - Nano Homes & 2, BHK from Runal Developers.

Though builders are saying many things about the area, as of today it has nothing.
So I am not sure if it is worth buying there? Rates are in range of 2200 to 2400/- per sq ft.

Please comment.

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  • Originally Posted by garibaadmi
    btw it's proved here again that people (bear) on this forum had been wrong (as usual) in predicting pune RE. poor soul if he/she didn't invest in ravet at 2200 after following people's advice given here...

    How many builders have delivered the flats on time ? Just see the delays & add holding cost to the base price.

    And most importantly, what has drastically changed on ground to make Ravet a much better place to stay in in past couple of years ?
    Builders can quote not 5500 but even 15000, issue is how many deals are happening.
    And if 5500 is the rate, then why buy at Ravet ? One can buy cheaper at PS. Simple & good for buyers too.
  • It's Sukhwani who was quoting 5500 then and now 5800 :p. I bet if he get buyers.
  • how about feedback of Celestial City Ravet ? The current rate quoted is 4800 /sq ft
  • Originally Posted by patnil007
    how about feedback of Celestial City Ravet ? The current rate quoted is 4800 /sq ft

    Ravet has an advantage of good long term planned development... but really no use investing in the immediate future...
    at 5000 rate, there is no development now.. just BRT going through should not bring the rate to 5000...

    but still good if you want to be the end user in the long term... but absolutely no for investment...

    I have seen the Ravet hype since 2005 and following the celestial city project for some time.. the development is very slow.. infact one of the slowest developing area...