I have a home loan with ICICI bank for an under construction property. Over the last few months, bank has delayed the disbursement payments due to certain errors by their employees, in spite of me submitting the disbursement requests in time. And this happened for 4 continuous disbursements.

As a result of it, builder has imposed the late payment interest on my account and is demanding that.

I have put a complaint to the branch manager almost 6 months back for the same and I was assured of some action on the same from bank end. The branch manager had agreed about his employees faults (verbally). I have no email from his side confirming that. I guess he purposely did not confess over email. The bank officials told me that they will speak to the builder and get the interest charges waived off. However for 6 months with lots of follow ups they hardly did any thing. Recently when I approached again to ask for a resolution/closure of this matter, they are saying that builder has refused to waive off the payment and ICICI can not do anything and I will have to make the payment to builder.

The complaint is still pending with the bank, but they are not responding to my emails or phone calls in this matter.

The other fact is, I hardly have any receipts of submitting the disbursement requests to bank, where I can prove that I submitted the requests on time and bank only delayed the payments. This is due to the process that bank follows to take the disbursement request. They never give a receipt.

What are the options with me to get this sorted. The property is due for completion in sometime and I am sure that builder will delay the possession if the dues are not cleared.

Kindly advise what can be done at my end. How should I avoid paying for ICICI's mistakes and how can I make them pay for this.

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