With illegal constructions being highlighted,action will be taken for the time being by all municipal authorities.It is always better that papers be verified and confirmed before parting with our life savings for a flat.Your dream home should not become a house of horror.
A nice news article by Indian Express is worth reading for its value to a home buyer.
Illegal structures come up because there are ill informed buyers.Illegal structures come up because we sometimes look for quick gains and have a belief that this structure will also get regularized by municipality.We still believe that grease will work and structure will be safe over a period of time.The nation needs to move out of this thought process.Buying a flat /office should be a professional process-verify,study,and then invest.

Informative Article is reproduced below;
With illegal construction turning out to be a major concern in the city, Pune Municipal Corporation has urged citizens to buy property only after proper verification of the structure's legality.
Such information has been made available for the citizens on its official website www.pmcalert.org.
"The citizens should keep away from illegal constructions. A list of all PMC-approved building plans has been put up on our website and for structures apart from those, citizens should check with the civic offices concerned to avoid loss of property or life in case of any eventuality," said Additional City Engineer
In a press statement, the civic administration further stated that if any citizen wants to file a complaint or provide information about illegal constructions, then they can do so on the website.
The civic administration has urged citizens to provide information on any construction that is being done in haste, it said, adding, "The PMC will not provide any civic services to illegal buildings in the city." It also stated that citizens should get information on completion certificate of any construction before using it for residential purpose.
Meanwhile, PMC has intensified its drive against illegal constructions and demolished several structures in Baner and Sangamwadi. "The civic administration has taken up work to identify illegal constructions that are dangerous and need to be demolished. It has also started the process of filing criminal cases against the developer of illegal constructions,"
In Taljai, where an illegal building collapsed in September, leading to the death of 11 persons, he said the civic administration has identified 27 illegal constructions that are in a precarious condition. "The PMC has served notice to the residents of three buildings, asking them to vacate them, and has also decided to undertake detailed structure audit of the remaining 24 buildings,"
Link:Buying flat? Verify first: PMC - Indian Express
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  • list? where is that list?

    After reading the article, I sought after the list which contains all the construction projects which are approved by PMC; however could not locate it. Anybody got a link for the same?
  • In today's Maharashtra Times it is mentioned about illegal construction ...PMC doing some work

    Baner - 5000 sqft - Suryvey No 118 -
    Baner - 4 storey building

    We are redirected to following URL when we click Building Sanction
  • Hello

    I would like to know the process of obtaining the approved floor plan for my flat from PMC. Details like whom to approach and the approximate time process will take will be appreciated