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Grande View 7

Last updated: October 17 2009
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  • Grande View 7


    I visited the Grande View 7 site.

    Here are my observations.

    1. Asking rate around 3000 psf (havenot discussed much on rate as still looking for other details)

    2. Approach road (200/500 mtrs) from highway is not built

    3. They clain there will be DP road just at the gate. Not sure if he is talking about this dacade or next.

    4. The bathrooms are small, and have slung plumbing (you should see that by yourself.) This is their negative point, which they claim as positive as that won't need "much" repairing in case of leakage. (Try not to laugh, as here they are actually stating that mostly it will be leaking, and to avoid exta expense, this the the design they have provided)

    5. Project is 70%+ completed as the completion date committed is Oct 2009.

    6. They have separate fire exit, Solar water, Gas pipe etc

    7. All common ammenities are provided in central part, garden space is not huge. Also swimming pool is directly in front of the gate which is "good" as per the sales person.

    Now here are my queries

    1. I am looking for 3 BHK in budget of 40-42 Lacs. And mostly in satara road, Katraj, Ambegaon, and may be in Waraje.

    Are there any better options (I know this cannot be best)?

    2. Not sure if the builder is reputed. This is joint of Tyagi Properties, Mittal and Trimurti Group. Please share the info about these developers and their reputation in terms of quality and service

    3. Does this come under PMC?

    4. What is the water supply situation in this area?


    Home seeker
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    Re : Grande View 7

    I was about to finalise my flat there ... then decided not too.
    Everything is good here. and builder was honest about the situation and conditions such as water problem, 1 lift, certain locality etc.

    The reason I decided not to go for this is because of connectivity / public transport and 3BHK are ammenities facing flats.

    If you negotiate hard, for 3BHK he will come down to 2500. If you feel this is a good deal, I will suggest go for it. Because actually except above things, project looked really good to me.

    And I also know 95% 2BHK are sold out. 50% 3 BHK are also gone.
    But the good thing for us is, he has bought about 40-50 acers of land around this project and he still wants to build more projects on it.


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      Re : Grande View 7

      Even I am looking for 3 BHK in same areas if find somthing intresting then please update.


      Have any questions or thoughts about this?