Can anyone explain in detail the process of buying a resale flat. What is the role of the lawyer, at what stage should he be engaged, documents required from seller etc
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  • Thanks

    Thanks all for your helpful replies.

    One confusion -

    When I went in SBI they said I need to do agreement to sale and then Sale deed.
    But someone said to me for resale flat only sale deed is required.
  • Hi All,

    Few more queries

    If there are multiple sellers, how do we provide cheques ?

    Can we give in the name of single seller or distribute among all (2 sellers)?

    What about TDS, I read that we need to deduct TDS for both the sellers, is it 50-50 division or can be different also?

    Does bank give DD in the name of single or all sellers?
  • Any feedback on services of proptiger to buy a resale flat?