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Commercial office/shop - NIBM ROAD


Commercial office/shop - NIBM ROAD

Last updated: October 17 2010
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  • Commercial office/shop - NIBM ROAD


    I'm interested in investing in commercial property. In fact i'm close to finalizing a deal for an office/shop space in pune (NIBM road).

    I would like to know if the returns are better in commercial investing as compared to residential? I'm in this for the long term term and the cash flow it would generate.

    My prime focus is on monthly cash flow- factoring this, is it a wise decision to invest in commercial as compared to residential? UR THOUGHTS..PLS
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    Re : Commercial office/shop - NIBM ROAD

    Dear users,
    Many of us only post queries / doubts regarding our problems.

    I would request all of us to make it a point wherein we can go a bit further and also post the solutions which we got. I mean the final results must be made available to the public as a contribution.


    Have any questions or thoughts about this?