Has anybody else experienced this or is it coincidence that I have only experienced. We went to visit some sites this Sunday. And on all the sites only flats at the 10th and 11th floor are available. Is this another tactic on the builders to sell the most difficult flats first. That appears to be my moms opinion.
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  • If the Top terrace is sold to the top flat where is the water tank !!!!

    Does anyone need to operate the water tank or no..(usually the watchmans do it).

    BTW it is beneficial for the society to have the water tank on the terrace as you have to keep the PUMPS on for only filling up the WaterTanks.. once the Tanks are filled the PUMPS casn be switched off and Gravity takes over to supply the water to the Taps in the flats. :o

    PS: THe Builder sells the Parking to Flat owners, Maybe even the Common Top floor Terrace.. then why the hell does the builder charge for the Super Built up area..