Dear Friends,
I am looking for a preleased commercial property in Pune fetching at least 11% ROI. If you across anything similar, do keep me update about the same.
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  • In other words, you are looking for a 10.9 Lakh rupees property earning 10k rs rent every month. Monthly rent to price ratio is 1:110. If there are such properties, they will be already gobbled up by the insiders before they find their mention anywhere else.

    That too, you are looking for preleased? So the property is already rented out at 10k and it is quoted for 10.9L? I revise my above statement, it is a daydream.

    11% ROI is a very unrealistic expectation, that too immediately after getting the property. One can start with 5% and then the ROI can increase every year, since the rent will keep on increasing.

    EDIT: How much is the bank interest for loans for commercial properties?