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Our experience of Lavasa


Our experience of Lavasa

Last updated: October 25 2013
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  • Our experience of Lavasa

    This is our first hand experience of Lavasa, Pune, India. When one decides to invest in Lavasa you should not expect anything that we so take for granted in a normal Indian City.

    I am sure you would have read enough news articles of them taking away tribal lands and villagers being cheated of their properties. Now a new trend is emerging in Lavasa. People who have invested in residential properties are being harassed and made to pay some obnoxiously high charges under various heads. In addition, no one is allowed to make legal income from their second-home property. Lavasa intervenes in every transaction of every residents. You would be given a red carpet welcome when you are investing but soon would be made to feel as if you are a criminal. For sure you would feel cheated sooner than later, as we have experienced ourselves and have seen many residents feeling the same. We have personally experienced mine and many other’s investments in Lavasa being taken over forcefully, with the use of guns and other weapons by Lavasa Corporation and have also known of locks of many personal houses of many residents being changed without the prior knowledge of the owner. The house owner is then forced to travel to Lavasa, cough up a tidy sum to get the house keys back. Then they are threatened that utilities would be cut-off should they disagree with Lavasa ever.

    Lavasa Hill City has also turned into a place where businesses are cheated and their assets and properties taken over forcibly by Lavasa Administration. In a democratic India , Lavasa is a unique city where fundamental rights of residents who are owners of businesses, villas, apartments and houses are massacred at will with full support of the Top Management. The Special Planning Authority – SPA - given to Lavasa is being used against the citizens at will. It is this Special Planning Authority that is the reason for such power going to the heads of Lavasa Management.

    In the documented words of Scot Wrighton, the American City Manager of Lavasa " I have grown frustrated as I deal with a business climate poisoned by the government and a lazy media that depicts Lavasa as a place that is just a city for the wealthy, where environmental norms are flagrantly violated, and where we steal villager land." What a wretched outlook to India.

    Remember that Lavasa is controlled by private security guards who are actually goons employed. No one dare raise an issue in Lavasa else the City management sends goons dressed in security uniform and takes over private properties of the complainer. Terrorizing people, manhandling them, profiling them, issuing threats of dire consequences and trailing people, all happens in Lavasa. That is Lavasa for you.

    We have invested in Lavasa and seen all our investments evaporate. Beware, before you meet the same end that we have met. If you are investing in Lavasa check with many who have done so and still waiting for years to get possession of their property. There are hundreds, if not thousands of investors who are in various stages of conflict with Lavasa. A great mutiny is on the anvil.

    Lavasa is place where the administration works against you and you have no one else to complain because they have absolute powers. Lavasa is a one way street, you can invest here by would not find any buyers later. Yes Lavasa helps – they simply send goons with guns and take over your property.

    For us we would like to recover our hard earned investments and move on. Please help us recover our investments.
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    Re : Our experience of Lavasa

    i did visit lavasa a year back as i stayed in a rented place ,greenery,landscaping is nice but really shocked to knw abt the massacre in lavasa...

    As a investor now i will never invest over there..


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      Re : Our experience of Lavasa

      wow, what a shame, you guys not evaluating any legal option ?

      heard pawar sahab and madam ji ka paisa laga hai.


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        Re : Our experience of Lavasa

        once upon a time I was also swayed by their Full-pages Ads.
        Thank God I did not invest..

        Failed Project.


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          Re : Our experience of Lavasa

          Builders treat a RE purchase by an end user as a endless service or pipe to demand money... probably Jaypee has the full potential to grow into a lavassa in North India (potential only, do not know if they will !)

          BTW it seems if once you buy a property for end use, you become a daughters father - have to pay increasing demands everytime... pity we have a anti-dowry law but no anti-RE law... we definitely need one... maybe one day folks will ask their father in laws to buy them a property and then a case can be lodged against the builder against anti-dowry law for abusing the daughter as well as son-in-law...

          The abuse actually is very intense because of the fact that end users are not locals but mostly migrants... food for thought!


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            Re : Our experience of Lavasa

            thank god when there were full page ads, i was also lured but was short on money as everything was already invested at that time, pics and promises were too good and appealing but now i think it was better that i had no money to invest then


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              Re : Our experience of Lavasa

              Looks like a tale straight from an Island of Mandwa....
              Sadly there would be many Kancha cheena.....
              Road to Lavasa is decorated with roses and return is nothing less than Agneepath...

              The best way would be to form an RWA and jointly fight for for the cause as in real life I don't see a possibility of Vijay Deenanath Chauhan leading the crusade...



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                Re : Our experience of Lavasa

                Ex-IPS officer labels Sharad Pawar, Ajit, Supriya corrupt in Lavasa case - Indian Express

                Is Lavasa the Achilles’ heel of the mighty Sharad Pawar? - Firstpost

                In the season of scams, Union Minister Sharad Pawar and his close relatives were today dragged into a corruption scandal by a former IPS officer-turned-lawyer for benefitting a private developer by allegedly bestowing undue favours for the controversial Lavasa hill city project.

                Y P Singh, a former IPS officer of Maharashtra cadre, alleged that Ajit Pawar, irrigation minister and nephew of Sharad Pawar, allotted 141 hectares (348 acres) of land belonging to Maharashtra Krishna Valley Development Corporation on a renewable lease of 30 years to the Lake City Corporation in 2002, violating a Supreme Court Judgement.

                The company which later came to be known as Lavasa Corporation, a subsidiary of Hindustan Construction Company, was allotted the land at a monthly rent of Rs 23,000, Singh said.

                Sharad Pawar's daughter Supriya Sule, now NCP MP from Baramati, and her husband Sadanand Sule, according to documents released by Singh, held 20.81 per cent shares in the company.

                In 2006 the Sules sold their entire share to the Lavasa Corporation, he claimed.

                According to Singh, Axis Bank, which invested Rs 250 crore in the Lavasa Corporation Limited in 2008 in the form of convertible preference shares and convertible debentures, valued the company at Rs 10,000 crore.
                "The Sules, if the value of the company is taken into account on the basis of Axis Bank's assessment, must have got around Rs 240 crore from sale of their shares. It is not reflected in the affidavit Supriya Sule filed detailing her assets before contesting 2009 Lok Sabha elections," he said.
                Distributing the affidavit which showed Supriya Sule's total assets at little over 50.45 lakh, Singh alleged, " there is a big money laundering scam".
                Singh said, according to a SC judgement, if a portion of land acquired by the government is left after completion of a project, it would not go back to the erstwhile owner


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                  Re : Our experience of Lavasa

                  modi lavasa visit stumps state bjp

                  Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modis sudden visit to Lavasa a private hill station near Pune and his invitation to the promoters of Lavasa,the HCC Group,to launch similar projects in Gujarat have taken the Maharashtra unit of the BJP completely by surprise.The state BJP,which has vehemently opposed this private hill station in the legislature and outside,is now not too sure whether to continue with their opposition or not.Whats more significant is that Modis Lavasa visit,in some ways,indicates the emergence of a new political equation between Modi and NCP president Sharad Pawar,who is known to be the mentor of this hill station development.About two months ago,Modi had praised Pawars agricultural policies in a special interview given to the mouthpiece of Nationalist Congress Party.Pawar is widely seen as the chief mentor of Lavasa and had even defended the project openly when Union ministry of environment and forests (MoEF) had blocked permission to the construction work at Lavasa.Last weekend,Modi quietly flew to Lavasa and spent over 24 hours there,surveying various sites within the hill station and held talks with HCC chairman Ajit Gulabchand.Asked about Modis visit,a Lavasa spokesperson said,We have already signed an MoU with the Gujarat government for a major project in Dholera but after visiting Lavasa,Modi suggested that we should participate in the Sabarmati river front development.This is a clear indication that he liked the development here. Modis visit to Lavasa was a lowprofile and secret one.But the Gujarat chief ministers praise of the project soon spread to political circles and put his own party men here in a spot of bother.The Pune unit of the BJP,which held demonstrations against Lavasa recently claiming that the water cuts in Pune were happening because of water had been diverted to Lavasa under instructions from deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar,finds itself in an embarrassing position because of Modis virtual endorsement of Lavasa.Asked about BJPs position on the issue,the partys state spokesperson,Madhav Bhandari,said,This was a personal visit by Modi and it was not organised by the party.He did not hold any public function at Lavasa and only held private talks,so this cannot be interpreted as Modis endorsement of Lavasa.
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                    Re : Our experience of Lavasa

                    with such powerfull friends and investors , no wonder they are so arrogant and brazen .


                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?