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builders are united.. buyers are scattered


builders are united.. buyers are scattered

Last updated: October 12 2009
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  • builders are united.. buyers are scattered

    "builders are united.. buyers are scattered all over.. few on this forum discuss about holding back property purchase.. but how many buyers are aware of such forums.. and how many of them surf the net in the first place?

    Newspapers will not support us either.. since they get ad revenue from builders..."

    Lets start spreading this important information, I just read someone has already started a yahoo group HBAP. The other effective way could be forwarded emails. We can forward emails and ask home buyer to join IindianRealEstateForum and unite home buyers.

    First step would be creating content of email and send it to all forum members. These member would forward email to all their friends from Pune and so on. This way we will redirect home buyers from Pune to indian real estate forum.

    What do you think guys ? Please share your views.

    Let's unite !

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    Re : builders are united.. buyers are scattered

    we should have some non-profit org

    I absolutely agree with you.. like builder we can unite all distributed buyers. There should be some entity which provide consultation to the all buyers . In ideal scenari buyer will seek consultation from some non-profit org and based upn the information he get from org , he will take decision.

    Lets at least commit that before we buy any property , we will seek suggestion from this forum


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      Re : builders are united.. buyers are scattered

      Real will be the best person to write up for contents...


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        Re : builders are united.. buyers are scattered

        RealAcres and Senior members, please post your views and guide us how to take it ahead.


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          Re : builders are united.. buyers are scattered

          i am with you guys.


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            Re : builders are united.. buyers are scattered

            Builders understand the scenario

            Not sure how people will unite like this as people are from different geographies and very small part of janta sees forum like this. Builders will continue to loot us. Because they are like providing us what we need. All I can say is people today have so much of lavish money, that they can throw it also, so they are paying to builders whatever they are asking.

            People use to purchase flat when there was boom and right now also when there is slowdown...Builders know that everyone needs for home and in this continuing increasing population country food and home will always be in demand.

            So they know that they always have a win-win situation. But still if u guys are successful in making such a forum, I am with u all guys.


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              Re : builders are united.. buyers are scattered

              People are more aware and looking for their rights then 5 years back. Its positive for consumers.


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                Re : builders are united.. buyers are scattered

                Yahoo group HBAP to start a movement

                Home Buyers Association of Pune (HBAP) shall work to serve and protect the interests of house buyers . Builders are very strongly organized and their association is a strong body which lobies well with Government Authorities. Unfortunately house buyers is such a scattered lot and so illinformed that one has to depend on information available in some news paper articles or the internet. HBAP can be helpful for the buyers to know first hand information about various aspects of buying house, builder' reputation, loan related matters. It can also work for ensuring that there is no artifically raised property prices with any possible cartelization.

                There are many people keen to buy houses and there are many beneifits of doing such things collectively. House buyers association can take up / address issuses / concerns of buyers and help people on a larger scale.


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                  Re : builders are united.. buyers are scattered

                  Make yourself secure, first

                  Thanks you friends for trusting us. Let me be frank with you, as always.

                  Who are we, the so called senior members? Nothing special but just that we analyse the economic scenario which is fundamental to RE.

                  The one who takes decision on his/her own thinking is wise, others are otherwise:p. Stop being in a herd, don't fall for that everyone is buying, I should buy & give up chalta hai attitude.

                  We always complain that buyers are not united. Why is it? Not becuase we don't have something like PBAP but we blindly believe PBAP/Credai/NAREDCO. Even on this forum some members sometimes say that builder is saying so & so, what should we do or can be done? This is nothing but internal fear of being homeless (owning to be precise) & that builders always win. What they think is; if not today, never. This is bad & it this factor which is exploited by builders.

                  What many people at the time of purchase fail to do is taking a view for 10-20 years, based on your home loan duration. Some people don't have experience of home loan before & think it is as simple as car loan or personal/credit card loan. What you need to understand that once you are in for home loan, your savings go down drastically due to EMIs or if savings are kept constant, the expenditure goes down.

                  In all this,what you need to have is FINANCIAL MARGIN even post home loan EMIs. Add to it all the taxes & maintenance of the house.

                  Don't fall for peer pressure. I have seen people buying out of peer pressure & now think only of EMIs 24*7. Those who don't require loan or very small quantity, it is better to invest it elsewhere & later use the same for house interiors or as pricinple amount etc.
                  The silver lining though is that the buyers have become more aware than what they were during boom time. If this trend continues, RE will be more healthier. Note that the biggest culprit for the economic recession was:- HOUSING, due to sub-prime crisis in USA. Think about it.

                  Just remember the simple sentence:-

                  There are better things to do in life than just working for builders & banks. RE is just a small part of your life & not your life. House ownership is great unless you ruin your life paying for it.
                  If you are happy, you are successful.


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                    Re : builders are united.. buyers are scattered

                    Totally agree with realacres!! We dont want to loose our satisfaction and happyness for a lavish living in fear of unaffordable EMIs for 20 years of precious life!!


                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?