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Fruits of his labour


Fruits of his labour

Last updated: June 11 2013
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  • Fruits of his labour

    This article highlights what Pune was earlier and its glory of gren cover.Read on for getting a nice article fom Pune Mirror.

    Despite having gardens rich in fruit, Puneites with bungalows lack the skill to harvest them. Gola-seller and tree-climber Sushil Bobade has taken up the mantle, for a price.
    Despite its voracious, somewhat haphazard urbanisation, certain areas in the heart of Pune have retained an old-world charm, with family bungalows going back at least three generations, surrounded by acres of gardens and ancient trees bearing fruit.

    Several homes in Prabhat Road, Fergusson College Road, Model Colony and so on are rich in mangoes, coconuts, tamarind, gooseberry and the Indian . However, year after year, this fruit goes unpicked, simply because urban Puneites lack the time and skill to climb a tree and pluck fruit.

    Besides ropes to climb trees, the team carries a wooden stick with knives, hooks and a bag to carry the fruit
    This is where Sushil a gola and sweetcorn seller from Karve Nagar comes in. An avid tree-climber, Bob (55) and a team of students from municipal schools go to these areas of the city and pick their fruit for them for a price. “As a child, I loved playing in gardens and climbing trees. I had friends from the Konkan who taught me how to climb different trees,” Bob said.

    Bob tried out various jobs after dropping out of school – from tailoring to cable services – before settling on selling gola and sweetcorn from a small stall in Karvenagar. However, his penchant for tree-climbing stayed with him.

    “Around six years ago, I started picking mangoes for people I knew, so that the fruits didn’t go to waste. Slowly, I realised that the city is full of fruit-bearing trees and that the techniques of tree-climbing are unknown to most of urban Pune,” he added.

    Bob team consists of five students who work during their vacations with their parents’ consent. The lure, Bobade explained, is not just the pocket money, but also learning the art of climbing trees.

    There is definitely demand for Bob’s services. Tulpule own around 11,500 square feet of property on Fergusson College Road, the ownership of which dates back 90 years.

    Kaumudi said, “My father-in law was a botanist and was passionate about gardening. After his demise, we took up responsibility for the garden. We have a huge ‘paayri’ mango tree and it bore more than 500 raw mangoes this year.”

    While the Tulpules attempted to pick the fruit themselves, it became too much for them. They hired pickers who were often inebriated or would trade unfairly. “Bobade, on the other hand, is a professional,” she said.

    Mukund lives in a bungalow in Karvenagar with his family. Their garden has several ramphal, chickoo, gooseberry and trees. Till they employed Bobade’s services this year, the fruit went waste.

    “We struck a deal with Bob and decided to share half the fruits with him. Our gooseberry trees bore more than 100 kg of fruit, while the trees bore over 50 kg,” Joshi said. Bhalchandra , whose Prabhat Road bungalow has been in the family for 60 years, traded half the mangoes from his ‘haapus’ mango tree for Bob’s services.

    “Our tree bore more than a thousand mangoes this year,”said Parchure. Bob offers two contracting options.

    “Either we pick all the mangoes or other fruit and charge around Rs 3 per fruit or we pick all the fruits and take half, sans monetary consideration. If we get half the produce, we can sell them and make money. It is lucrative either way,” he said.

    Fruits of his labour, News - City - Pune Mirror,Pune Mirror

    Interesting titbit about our Pune.
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    Re : Fruits of his labour

    Awesome!! He should make pickles and jams and sell them in the same localities. People would just love that. Something made from fruits picked up 100-200 meters from the final consumer


    Have any questions or thoughts about this?