I am currently looking for 2 - 3 BHK in Pune. I looked at lot of projects, their plans and amenities.
When I think about amenities :
If the project has 7-8 buildings with around 200 flats and one swimming pool / club house and gym, will you be able to enjoy these ? Mostly people like me will utilize it during week ends. So even though I consider different timings for diff. people, not sure I can enjoy when I want to or when I get time.
Same thing about the club house and gym. If you have 2 carom boards and 2 TT, there will be lot of people queuing up on week ends. I am not saying that builder should build more than 1 but...

So I really get confused sometimes, should I go for such projects or better of staying in a project where not too many amenities are there and rates are low.

I am thinking ..if I need these amenities, then I need to find a project where there are less than 140 flats. (either few buildings or not too many floors)
Again...this is my personal opinion.......

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