hi all,

needed to know if flats are available for 2500 psqft by good builders in pimple saudagar area with possession by jan2010.

Please do give info as we are new to pune..:)
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  • Current Rates at PS

    I had been to PS last week..rates quoted by all the builders r 3000 psf.. :(
    even in Wakad it is same...
    Only a few projects in Wakad have 27K psf...I am unable to decide Wakad or PS...help me out..
  • Guess you meant to say 2.7 K Rs/sqft :). Dude don't give such shocks. Just a observation reading so many threads , I see no sign of softening of the rates for quiet some time now. Few projects here are there will lower price but mostly those which not have even started so you risk of loosing ur shirt in the deal (the builder will divert that money to some other avenue) -- it may not happen but u r exposed.
    If its under construction or nearing completion , rates hold 3K and plus.
  • Hmmm... I know few (two or three ) projects in wakad which are under construction... and rate is 2700/- psf ... :p.

    One of my friend booked in Casa Poli one or two weeks back at rate of 2700/-.
  • pvkothekar. Can you confirm that (since u had been to sites recently) ? How are these 2.7K projects in comparison to 3K ones ? Do they differ in amenities or location or builder ? Maybe you can post the details which can then feed into the common spreadsheet that is getting updated.
  • Originally Posted by Technocrat
    I am not sure where Happy Thoughts is but the Rahatani road which starts from Jagtap Dairy through Shivar Garden, ends at T junction & this is where Rahatani is & I think its some where around this junction where the bifurcation is.

    If you go by what postmen says, Dwarka suncrest falls in rahatni.