Well, I visited one project and went in their sales office (not mentioning its name); you are escorted and made to sit in front of sales guy who just stare at you looking for questions from you rather than telling you about his project , plans etc. and costing etc,. It looked like as if builder/project is in no need of you and you need to buy house not they need to sell house. There seemed to lack of interest from THEIR side

Can some senior folks, help in informing to what questions one must ask (to get overall idea of project) to such reactive(and non-proactive) sales people and how to deal with them?

Sorry in advance if this sounds stupid question,
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  • It would have been really good if you could have told the name of the builder/project coz people remain silent for 2 reasons:-

    1.) They don't know anything or
    2.) They don't want to disclose anything.
  • I mentioned in another thread :-P please help realacres
  • Originally Posted by puser
    I mentioned in another thread :-P please help realacres

    Definately would like to help but where is that thread mike? Please post the link here or send a PM to me.